A red alarm for Valparaiso due to a fire in Camino La Pólvora


The municipality stated a red communal warning for Valparaiso before a forest fire that consumed at least 25 hectares at the farm El Olivo, at the intersection of Camino La Pólvora and Ruta 68.

According to the data provided by Onemi, the damage was affected pasture, scrub and eucalyptus in the upper part of the port.

Fire currently has "extreme" behavior, with rapid advancement that threatens the near path, while weather and terrain conditions – due to the existence of a gorge – have made it difficult to fight the flames.

Commander Bomberos de Valparaíso, Patricio Lara, explains that "we are working with 12 units of the Valparaiso fire department and land brigades and with aviation support." In cooperation with Conaf, we work on fire, because we do not have access to the land to be able to control it. , saj in flows and sectors without formal access to bombs and earth resources. "

On the other hand, Juan Atienza, Head of the Department of Forest Conservation, Conaf, stated that "adult pine forests and eucalyptus forests are mainly affected." The situation could not be controlled because there is a fireplace where the fire is located, there is a lot of slope. In addition to the interior of the forest, there is a lot of waste, which this makes the work of our brigades and fire brigade more difficult ".


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