A new record: BTS is on YouTube a video clip of & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Boy with Luv & # 39; & # 39; with Halsey


Fantastic attention! "Boy with Luv"is a completely new uniform part of the new work. t BTS, "Soul map: personShe collaborated with an American singer Halsey as a protagonist and a colorful video is already a record: it has reached 30 million views YouTube in the first 7 hours and currently has over 89,860,643 views. Unbelievable!

"It's about how true power and love come from looking for joy in the smallest things in life," the group said. On the other hand, however Halsey Thanks to the popular group via their Instagram"I went to Korea to make this dream come true!" These people excited me over the years, always so creative, but this time I was impressed with how well I felt I was working on this collaboration.

It should now be noted that BTS publish his new album named "Soul map: person"With songs that will definitely reach the highest positions in different world charts, fans can already find them on digital platforms, and the big surprise is that the South Korean K-Pop band includes collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Meeting two pop heavy!

In case you did not know, the English musician is the author of the lyrics "Let it be right", the fourth clip of the expected album" boyband. "This is also a topic that deals with self-management and love for those I trust in the toughest moments, the song for BTS.

Finally, even in chat with fans, the English artist explained: "In fact, I wrote a song I think they are doing now, I heard it the other day, I love BTS, they're great." And in early December, Suga One of the band members (and the producer of the band) went even further and surprised his fans on social networks by publishing a picture of a computer screen with a musical program. Hmm, that's for you @EdSheeran, that was the message that accompanied the post.


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