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Author: Cristián Farías R. / March 24, 2019

Carolina Urrejola's name has risen to ten of the most commented topics this week on Twitter. Cause: A tense moment between a journalist and President Sebastian Piñero.

The situation, which attracted the attention of the social network, took place in the middle of a conversation with the president, conducted by Urrejola and other participants in the Mesa Central program on the 13th channel.

One of the topics discussed during the two hours of the discussion was the draft law on preventive identity control, which in practice would give more authority to the police, which could require that minors identify themselves.

This was specially discussed. There was a rough exchange between Urrejolo and Piñero in this segment.

To understand the context in detail, see the entire Mesa Central video, here, from the minute 25. In the meantime, this was a comment that Twitter commented on until they changed the theme into a trendy theme:

Carolina Urrejola: "What you are proposing is what is supported by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is an international instrument signed by Chile. I wanted to ask you if you respect this instrument because it would be unlawful at the time of quiubos. It would be illegal to implement today preventive detention measures for minors, Chile as a signatory … "

President Sebastián Piñera: "If you want to see Carolo, it is to give affirmations, questions and confuses. And let me be very open with you"

Urrejola: "Why?"

Piñera: "Because, of course, Chile is a party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we agree with it, we respect it and strictly use it.

Secondly, it is not true that the presentation of the draft law already submitted by President Bachelet approved by the Senate and the Parliament violates this Convention. On the contrary, I just said.

"One of the reasons why we want to have preventive control for minors between the ages of 14 and 18 is to protect our citizenship from violent crimes committed by minors who are often instrumentalized and abused by the elderly. And I insist: portonazos, ambush , the use of firearms.

"Another motivation is that these children can not be left on the path of crime because they will be lost forever." We want to get them back. That's why we made a great effort to put the first kids in a row.

"That is why we will change Senama to two public services. One is to protect children and vulnerable minors, the other for the rehabilitation of adolescents with a criminal situation …

(Continue to argue …)

"Everything we do for the benefit of children is part. Because I understand, Carola, it's perfectly well that everything is not in the search for coherent machinations to control the crime. We must also take care of the original causes and save these children …

"What we do, Carola, although you said otherwise, is not illegal. And I beg you, if you accuse this president …"

Urrejola: "They must first approve the law and can implement it …"

Piñera: "And so we will not do preventive surveillance"

Urrejola: "Nobody said that the presentation of the project was illegal, President. I did not say that.

Piñera: "You just said that we are representing an illegal project"

Urrejola: "No"

Iván Valenzuela: "No. That could be random …"

Piñera: "No. I listened very well, said that it would be unlawful, you, Carola, can not tell the president, without giving me the opportunity to answer that I am representing an illegal project, because the president must respect the constitution.

Urrejola: "I do not take it for granted, President." I gave him a chance to respond.


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