A member of Spice Girls reveals that she had sex with one of her colleagues from the group


"Mel B" confirmed that Geri Halliwell, both members of Spice Girls, had a romantic adventure in the early nineties. "That's it, I said everything. Now, Geri will kill me," said Piers Morgan, a columnist in Mail on Sunday.

Confirming rumors of the past, "Mel B" said that "she will hate me because she is very elegant, has her homeland and her husband, but the fact is. It was not serious, it was just something that happened. We laughed and that was it.

She added that "I hope that when asked about this, Geri will hope that this will happen, does not deny that it was just a fun moment."

Mel B was discernible about her sexuality, which previously revealed she had a relationship with a woman for five years.


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