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Twitter is one of the most active social networks, although Instagram or Facebook are ahead of us in those moments. The Blue Bird Social Network continues one of the most serious for sending messages known people or politicians, in the field of information is still widely used because of its open and international nature.

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All social networks need changes and Twitter can not be less. It seems that the loss of users in the last year is the company thought out and want to make a series important changes improve communication between users.

Twitter wants to have countries and improve even a conversation

In the coming weeks Twitter wants to present a very wide public beta so users can test their new features and give their opinion. Among these changes underlines the new possibility for the state to set itself up in our description, we can place the location in this way and if we are in the event. By doing so, we want to contextualize the user others will know that they will be published in the next few hours.

On the other hand You want to set up when a user is online, just like on Instagram or Facebook. This change aims to stimulate real-time conversations and, on the other hand, want to implement them Some pre-defined messages to start conversations. Leave the image of these two changes.

Also You want to remove images from PNG from the platformthese images have less compression than JPEG and Twittter users have 2G networks They can not download such a large image size. That's why internally PNG images will be converted to JPG. Although PNG images that do not exceed 900 pixels will not be converted. We will see if these changes give the social network more life, and users take these important changes to get a turn.

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