A "good taste" dog for video games swallows Nintendo DS cartridge


Bull Terrier with the name Rocco He made one of the most difficult moments of his short life, all for the game Nintendo DS.

But, far from the usual, his playing did not jeopardize his life, but his cartridge.

The dog was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital near its city, in the United Kingdom, where the object had to be removed. in your bowel.

"He did not behave like usual." We think he ate his ear we were surprised when the veterinarian said it was a video gameIts owner, Sean Johnston, mentions STV.

The unusual thing is this your family does not have its own console. "He's adopted dog and we have him only 6 months, so." I think it's from the former owner. Who knows how long he was there, speculates Johnston.

Despite the long period in which he could be in his body, this object could block his intestines, which Rocco would be fatal.

Susan Hermit, a veterinarian responsible for surgery, praised the actions of the owner. For Sean, it was a great task to bring Rocca when he did it. Subject of this size I could cut off the internal organsHe added.

But everything ended up in a great way, because it's little Rocco day after surgery, so he has already returned with his family.


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