Thursday , July 29 2021

6 simple tips for weight loss while taking

Of course Calorie counting is essential for nutrition to lose weight but, as is often the case in life, the numbers are not all.

These simple tips will help you lose weight while you eat You do not have to feel attached to the military regime to get rid of those extra pounds.

Cook yourself

Organizing cooking time, even three times a week, is a great opportunity to significantly reduce calorie intake. You can choose the finest ingredients without added sugar, fat and salt to cook food. For every time you cook yourself, instead of going to the restaurant or calling your delivery phone, you can store 150 to 200 calories, which corresponds to about 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise.

All fats are not bad

What do walnuts, olive oil, avocado and fish oil have? They are all healthy fats and can be included in your diet to lose weight. These are fats that help absorb vitamins of other foods and increase the level of hormones that promote metabolism. So do not be afraid of good fats.

Do not run

We know that with the current pace of life, it's becoming increasingly difficult to take time to rest or even to eat. But eating slowly and without disturbance, such as a cell phone, computer or book, allows the brain to focus on food and communicate properly with the stomach to inform when hunger is saturated. At the very least, Give me 20 minutes for eating only.

Includes snacks

Of course, it's different to eat a portion of the potato at noon than a fistful of walnuts. Therefore, in the case of snacks, all magic is in the selection. In your diet, include two or three snacks throughout the day, but rich in protein and low in sugars and carbohydrates. These small foods throughout the day stimulate metabolism and prevent overeating of inappropriate foods, so that they become fasting for long periods of time.

Not packed

In general, foods that are packaged are rich in coloring agents, sugars and other additives that sabotage any healthy diet. Non-alcoholic beverages, frozen foods, bread and cookies represent 90% of the added sugar consumed by the average person in the US. Instead of this type of food, choose the fruit, walnuts or dried fruits.

Eyes with liquid calories

Sodas are not the only culprits for the input of invisible calories. Cafes prepared with flavors, drinks, even from fruit and bottled teas, are liquid calories which we often miss in the day. They prefer simple beverages without sugar or whole fruits instead of juices and beverages. Weight loss results can surprise you.

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