Sunday , April 18 2021


on a VAT fraud scheme involving a prisoner detained by Mr Stonis for an overnight stay in Kaunas

Sources: A group of suspects detained due to a VAT fraud scheme with R. Stonis will spend the night in the detention center in Kaunas [{“_id”:”5bc47e257dc87b04e70afc4a”,”name”:”Phillip Morris”,”sw1″:”cigaretes”,”sw2″:””,”sw3″:””},{“_id”:”5bc47e3f7dc87b04e70afc4b”,”name”:”Phillip Morris 2″,”sw1″:”rukymas”,”sw2″:””,”sw3″:””},{“_id”:”5bc47e4d7dc87b04e70afc4c”,”name”:”Phillip Morris 3″,”sw1″:”kontrabanda”,”sw2″:””,”sw3″:””},{“_id”:”5bc47e5d7dc87b04e70afc4d”,”name”:”Phillip Morris …

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