Your sex weekend horoscope


Your Sexoscope for the week from January 11 to January 18:


The light in Riba on Friday is on your day like a wet blanket. Oven. It's emotional, dramatic and puts you on the edge. Wait for the moon to enter your sign on Saturday morning to start a weekend feeling energized and optimistic! Mars is in your character, which is full of stamina and full-bodied libido, and Venus, the planet of love, is in the same-mindedly fiery sign, Sagittarius. This means that your trust is top-notch, whether you're looking for a link, you promise a date, or you decide on a weekend with your friends.

On Mondays, the moon enters the calm and sensual Taurus, which is good for your sign, making you feel good in the bedroom or just pushing you to relax. The week ends with the Moon entering the Gemini and helps you feel more carefree, optimistic and social!


On Friday in the month of Pisces you feel well with you and you are ready to go out, Taurus. Certainly you have to do it! The new connection you encounter has a strong impression on you to you, and it seems that at least one of you could seriously crush it!

On Saturday the moon enters daring Owen. In your chart this falls into the lonely and subconscious sector. Treat yourself to this weekend for some time and relax yourself – make a break! The rest of the week is relaxing enough, and the moon enters your sign on Monday and creates a quiet, relaxed vibe.


Your Friday evening looks pretty intense, Gemini! The Moon is in Pisces – the most emotional sign – and the Sun joins Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, in the intimacy and sex area of ​​your chart. Your emotions are incredibly passionate and vibe is hot and harder than ever! If you go home with someone, do not expect to have a faster and then a partial way. By how intense the atmosphere is and how deeply your emotions are, the capture of emotions is essentially a guarantee – and that's all on Friday!

Aries Month for the rest of the weekend is quicker and cheerful, but Venus, the planet of love, plays with Pluto, so this physical and sexy mood lasts for a while! The moon Taurus comes on Monday, and with it, a break from these intense feelings. Take a few days to cool before the moon enters your character on Wednesday.


On Friday, Fish feels feels too emotional for some, but you are successful, Cancer! When the moon is in a watermark like yours, your vibe is light and in harmony with yours. The Sun and Pluto join forces, which means you meet one on one intensely! This astrology could indicate the beginning of a relationship or a great breakdown of beer, a meeting with someone who is supposed to be new, or just some really unforgettable action in the bedroom!

Your character has recently been very seriously involved in the relationship, but recently important relationships have started and ended in your life. This week has one such case where the important relationship is caught or end. Do not be nervous, though – whether this week is the beginning of something new or you call it, with someone stopping, you understand that this is in your favor.


Fish on Friday changes your feelings a little Leo. This is the strangest, most emotional layout of the moon and floats in the depth of your graphic intimacy area, so every sex you have is magical! A large part of astrology for the busy weekend of your sign is related to work – bleh, thank you, the Capricorn season. Fortunately, on Saturday, the moon enters the fiery Oven, and you are bright and optimistic!

Over a week, the happy Jupiter in sex / romance in your chart in the intimate sector of your chart flirts with dream Neptune, and this weekend's energy is the strongest! This means that love is in the air and you feel super romantic (and pretty lusty) and is a perfect astrology for seriously upgrading your love / sexuality! But beware! When the idealistic Neptune enters your horoscope, things can become beautiful to be true – take the time to get to know someone before committing any great obligations!


Friday is a perfect night, Virgo! The moon is in Pisces, AKA in the area of ​​your relationship, by connecting to the bae or wondering if it's a breeze for their number of breezes! The Sun is also associated with Pluto on Friday, difficult once a year of transit, which shows intense meetings leading to major changes. This link is happening in the area of ​​romance, fun and sex in the chart. so serious breakthroughs in your love life are on the menu for this weekend!

Your favorite planet, a communicative Merkur, gently connects this week with a dreamy Neptune that shows pleasant, romantic and emotional connections. If you are waiting for the right time to encounter a crush, now is your chance!


It looks like you were late last night on Friday, as expected, Libra. Luna Pisces spends all evening in your area of ​​work, so your weekend starts late. Fortunately, the moon enters Oven early on Saturday morning, activates the area of ​​relationships between your chart and puts a pleasant step into your step! Spend time with your friends, hang out with your S.O. or you can quickly connect with all the great ways to use Moon Aries, which supports one-on-one interaction for your character.

Cap Cap is not particularly exciting, especially for Libras, while the low key earth-wave vibrations reflect the introvert of this week. This does not mean that you have to stay at home all the time – just invite the action! Run your FWB or the last Tinder Match and tell them to come through – you will not regret it!


Friday night you feel good, Scorpio, when the moon Pisces illuminates the area of ​​romance and fun of your chart, and you feel flirting, fun and confident! If you feel connected, get out and you will not have a problem finding. Regardless of whether you are going out or not, important links take place on Friday when the sun connects with Pluto in Capricorn.

On Saturday, Luna enters Owen and shifts your attention to work, but new meetings continue throughout the weekend, as evidenced by Venra's friction with Pluto and Jupiter's energy with Neptune on Sunday. When you encounter someone new that day, you can not help falling fast! But there is no rush. Get to know this new person-On Monday, the Taurus Moon makes it possible to connect with other birds, and Mercury's connection with Pluto in the same day encourages you to ask questions, communicate and learn. The unusual and curious moon Gemini, which closes this week, also forces you to explore this new person, but also activates the intimate area of ​​your chart, why not take this survey into the bedroom?


Friday is quiet, Sagittarius. The moon is in the quiet Fish, hidden deep in the sector of your home life. Luckily, bright and early on Saturday, the moon enters the hot Oven, which promotes the erogenous zone of your sex, fun and romance! With Venus, the planet of love, even in your sign, now you are completely unbeatable.

Weekends are still optimistic, as long as there is no go-go season, without playing vibrations that would shorten the party on Sunday, and Mercury, the communications planet, encountered Saturn, a planet of responsibility and discipline. The next day, the moon enters the busy Taurus, and spend most of the week. The moon enters the Gemini and activates on Wednesday the area of ​​your relationship – the perfect mood to break the routine of your busy week.


All the best! The Pisces Month on Friday evening provides an emotional background for a very busy day for your sign, Capricorn. The sun runs with Pluto, a zodiacal agent of mystery and transformation, in your sign. For you, a small sea goat, this means that the relationship in your life has to change somehow, and on Friday you will make a change. Maybe you've caught feelings for a friend and try with him to the next step. Maybe you were stuck with some kind of lousy fuckboy and decided to give him shoes. It is important that there be changes, and. T you they control.

The rest of the weekend falls under the Aries Month, which is a slow and more introverted feeling for your sign, and the week begins with the Port of Taurus. The moon here feels sensual, flirting and fun – def share the week you want to reserve for your birthday if you can!


The Fish Month on Friday can handle you, Aquarius. It brings cold vibration and activates the area of ​​pleasure and desires in your chart, so if you're lucky, it promises to be a particularly sensuous thing. The Sabbath Moon in Ounn is rude and energetic, and its fire energy is naturally compatible with your air signal.

It's nice to play with the planet of relations, Venus, which is in Strelc favorable. This activates the social networking area and friends circle in the chart, so pay attention to the new addition to the team or someone you meet through a common friend– they can become more than just friends before you meet them!


The Moon is in your sign on Friday, Fish, and you look good and you feel wonderful! Go out tonight and have fun with the stress that comes from the Capricorn season. You owe it to yourself. Plus, who knows who you might be in! Even if you go out just to be with your friends, somebody loves to catch you and get your number, as the sun shows, and an intense Pluto meeting in your social circle.

Pluto merges with Venus, the planet of relationships, later on the weekend, which points to some new actions in your love / sexuality. Taurus moon on Monday suggests a very communication period in which you send messages and Snapping and call continuously. Merkur is pleasantly cooperating with your character and it looks like you will catch your feelings! Beware – Neptune, the planet of illusions, is in your sign and deals with a large portion of your horoscope. Be careful that this beautiful little heart will not prove to be a nightmare!

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