You could not escape from Google on CES 2019 if you tried



Google made an all-in on CES.

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

You could not go very far without seeing the word "Hey Google", which was somewhere at CES this week.

The search giant has released a trigger phrase for its Google Assistant software with giant letters above the main entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The city rail has turned into mobile booths.

For the second year in a row, Google released an army of human "Google Assistants" dressed in white clothes that looked like a cross between painters and surfers. They wear hats and jackets with the printed "Hey Google" inscription, and teachers have taught teachers how the assistant works with different products on the ground.

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Most of the colleagues who turned to white clothes refused to interview because they said they were sending questions to the Google Communication Department. But one of the workers I spoke with was said to have been found by Google through a temporary agency.

Google also had a large stand that presented how the Assistant works with products from TVs to car dashboards. Company whole set your "It's a small world" version This was, as the attraction itself stated, "partial driving, partial marketing, if we are truly honest to ourselves."

CES has become an important rebellion for Google because it pushes its hardware products to compete with tools like Amazon, Apple and Samsung. Over the past few years, Google has stepped up its investment in consumer product gadgets, including Google Home Smart Speakers, Nest Thermostats and Chromecast Streaming Devices.

In short, Google said that its presence at the exhibition was three times higher than in 2018. But the imprint of the company was not limited to its own stand. Google's market blitz has gone far.

Here's a look at other places in Las Vegas, a search company from the Tech West Congress Center at Sands Expo, to Walgreens, flooded the words "Hey Google". This view is not exhaustive, but it shows how much time, effort and money Google has put in readiness for CES 2019. (Google did not respond to a few requests for comments on how much it spent on the show.)

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