Thursday , July 29 2021

Would you buy a Ford F-150 with 725 horsepower for just $ 53,000?

Ford's concession department in Lebanon, Ohio, hit the fills on the Ford F-150s and sent them a door with 725 horsepower for just $ 40,000.

How is this possible? It starts with a heavily-reduced F-150 with a standard cabin and sports package for sports, which will set you back just for $ 30,596 ($ 40,700).

At the top of the base truck you can add a package with a charger of $ 9,399 ($ ​​12,500) which reaches a final price of just $ 39,995 ($ 53,200). Quite simply.

According to the statements Road & Track, Lebanon Ford has done this before, with the relatively affordable 727 horsepower of the new Ford Mustangs.

There are three choices for the compressor: Roush and Procharger blowers will bring you up to 650 horsepower, but if you want a full 725, reach the Whipple unit.

Lebanon Ford expects most people not to define a basic model, but with options such as a four-wheel drive and a crew cabin, prices will be higher. Prices could fall even more in the summer when Ford offers better shopping incentives.

All turbocharger upgrades are still available with a three-year / 36,000-mile warranty, although you will be required to pay an additional $ 995 ($ 1,334) additional warranty if you are a Whipple Compressor specification. Whipple and Roush are available for all 50 countries, while the Procharger kit in California is not available.

It will not be available in Canada, but we assume that nothing prevents you from driving to countries and buying for yourself.

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