Tuesday , October 26 2021

Winnipeg gym closed for public health violations


The province has ordered the closure of a gym in downtown Winnipeg for alleged public health violations.

A notice of closure at the door of the Morfit Training Center in Cityplace on October 8 states that the company did not comply with the COVID-19 prevention orders.

Two locations of the Morfit Training Center, one in the city center and one in St. Officials filed a $ 5,000 fine in both gyms in the weeks of Sept. 20 and 27, bringing in a total of $ 30,000 in costs.

The gym owner had previously announced on the company’s website that he would not request vaccination status against COVID-19, despite a provincial mandate that all gym visitors must provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated.

In Thursday’s email to gym visitors, the owner hinted at how much the fines resulting from trying to “stay open to everyone” affect his business.

On October 8, a notice of closure was posted on the door of the Morfit Education Center in Cityplace. (CBC)

“We knew … that disregarding public health guidelines would probably mean we would eventually be shut down,” the email said.

“This week we received a call from Manitoba Health announcing that they would close our business if we did not start implementing public health orders. This is after we received several penalties that we have always fought against. But we have to fight. face imprisonment before he can go to court. “

The Bofite location is closed on Thursday, and on Tuesday it will reopen under a new name and ownership, the e-mail reads.

Morphite membership will be respected at the new operator White Lion Athletics, the letter said, but White Lion will respect public health orders, so users must submit their vaccines to enter.

White Lion will offer free online training for people who can no longer go to the gym because they don’t want to get vaccinated.

The Morfit Training Center did not respond to a request for comment.

Since April 9, 2020, the province has issued 2,186 tickets to businesses and individuals for violating public health orders, resulting in fines of $ 3,119,190.

The province says all updates regarding public health violations will be available on Tuesday.

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