Wild New Destiny 2 Puzzle Stumps Players who run Bungie For Reverse Course


On Tuesday, Fate 2 opened Bergusia Forge, the fourth and last activity in the recent Black Armory package. But it was catching. In order for everyone to access it, at least one player in the world should solve a hell of a puzzle called Niobe Labs. The puzzle turned out to be so difficult that nobody could finish, which made developer Bungie change his mind yesterday and nevertheless opened the blacksmiths shop for everyone.

"While we can unite as a community in solving puzzles, the game can be placed as a door between you and the new content you want to play," wrote a representative of Bungie yesterday in a company blog. "As such, we will divide the jigsaw puzzle from the final offer of the Black Armory."

According to her word, yesterday afternoon Bungie opened the blacksmith all over. As with previous blacksmiths, a grindy process is involved in the unlocking process, and when you do, you can supply farmers with the weapons that suit you. (The new fusion rifle is pretty sweet.)

It was a wild week for hardcore Fate 2 players. When the update started on Tuesday, January 8, mysterious hunters and flags immediately began to clash with Niobe Labs, a room in which they had to fight enemies and tackle a series of increasingly sophisticated puzzles that included button capture, decoding the runes, and performing such complicated tricks that it was even just reading about them enough for the wrapper. It's hard to say how many people actually found it fun to solve such riddles:

This is just one of the players that have been discovered so far in Niobe Labs, wild arena, full ciphers, the solutions of which have so far included French children's rhymes and unclear mythologies. Within 24 hours, Fate 2 The players came up to level 7 of the puzzle, but they found themselves unable to continue. Two days later it's still not resolved.

Bungie's goal was to create a common moment of a community that is not contrary to the search for Outbreak Prime and other intricate treasures Bungie invested in Fate over the years. But, as the studio admitted, it may not be wise to move content to limit content to everything until most hardcore players find out how to solve Niobe Labs. "We want to try new things with Destiny, but we are also flexible enough to turn around when you show a place for improvement. We will continue to follow up on this event and learn from your feedback when we create future releases of the content. "

This is an interesting sequence of events. Bungie and the crew apparently wanted to regain a sense of mystery and friendship that the actors felt during the legendary Fate events like Outbreak Prime and Whisper of the Worm, but locking the content for something so perfect they forced players who were expecting new things on Tuesday to wait and watch the storm until a riddle is resolved. Even for those efforts, the process was strenuous:

Fate players have been wanting to make puzzles for years. This may have been an over-correction.


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