Why are Liverpool fans so obsessed with winning?


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Liverpool and Premier League
The messages that we have presented today about the clips of "fans" focused on something that has been denounced for some time. Why are pool fans so obsessed with winning? Is not it actually more realistic if they focus on the FA or the league cups instead of the EPL? A quick look at the figures shows that United won EPL 13 times (Grrr), Chelsea 5 times, Arsenal and City 3 times and Blackburn and Leicester once. Arsenal ranked 6 times and Liverpool only 3 times.

My unfortunate point is this. Why did fans of Poole accept such noise because their actual record of success is so bad? Now, maybe her selective hearing, but I can not hear the exact same hype of Arsenal Spurs or Chelsea fans. And yes, all too painfully aware that this is the same club, which is currently 4 points at the top of the league and who also won at UCL, which my club can only dream of.

I do not suggest for a second that we should not try and this was my opinion for a long time that the only thing that will prevent the LFC win this season (and Spurs for this matter), injury and / or controversy after the game. officials. Guardiola goes for all four competitions because it can. Only two key injuries would make LFC a bridesmaid again, not a bride.

I repeat, I am not saying that Liverpool should not strive for the title, but at what point, if at all, do you consider that you have won something other than the first place for the priority of your season? I would like to have the Aston Martin DB5, but it's more realistic to have a new Ford hatchback every 3 years, so if LFC does not buy a royal family, what's going to change? It's been 27 years since Prem started.
Mark (Do not defend the depths of the city squad. That's what it is). MCFC

Sorry, the goal of the league
I can not believe that some of the idiocy I see here are from the fans of LFC after losing the FA FA Cup. First, a guy from London who feels insulting to compete for the start of Dejan Lovren, who played in the previous six games in this position in the middle half, is ridiculous. You may want to fall out of big games, but one, a FA Cup 3rd round the game is not a big game, and two, who should choose Kloppa? Virgil van Dijk and Alisson played each match this season, with the exception of the Chelsea League Cup. The rest for them was justified.

In addition, I very much doubt that winning at the FA Cup, a tournament that can be won by the manager and then a week later fired, in LFC extinguished all the thirst for glory. These days is no different than the League Cup, which was dismissed by the writer in the same post as insignificant. He's right about one thing. Liverpool they became obsessed with a victory in the Premier League, perhaps because it's been 29 years since we won the title, and that would mean everything that the fanbase did! Oh, thank you for being the first to say that City will win the title this year. Such a bold announcement.

On Colin, who is not ready to say Kloppa, he is upset over the fact that players who are paid to play football but who are not part of the first choice of XI LFC occasionally expect to play football. Forgive a man who has turned his side to four points at the top of the Premier League table if he disagrees with your expert opinion that the FA Cup was the best shot for a trophy in Liverpool. This is done at the stage when there are 32 teams in it. The players who played on the court on Monday night play an important role. This is to play in games where the first XI needs rest or exit with ticks. The fact that they did not complete the job is a disappointment, but only illustrates how Klopp walks with this team in the title race. Yes, City sent a better team than Liverpool, but that's because the other XI, who might be able to finish in the middle of the table in the Premier League.

Injuries and the fact that the team was running with a crazy ninth duel, in which they remained without defeat, until they lost themselves, set a ladder. Not because Klopp thinks that the sophisticated FA Cup is worthless, though it is somehow. The achievement of the fourth place in the league is more profitable and important for long-term goals than the winning teapot. How did you find that the FA Cup is more possible when you are likely to have to face Chelsea or City to win it is not exactly science?

And by the way, the trip is important. Let's say it's a holiday for your dreaming goals. To get this point, we had a ton of canceled flights and long resettlements in terrible places, but now the final destination is actually possible. Sorry, the goal of the league. The winner of the FA Cup is similar to the attempt to reach New York and redirect through Philadelphia. It's cool and everything, but that's not where we wanted to go.
David, LFC Tampa Bay

Custis and "Dan Today"
I loved the transcript Custis in White, named by Brazil. Especially:

* Silence *

AB: "Neil?"

NC: "What?"

AB: "Come on. What's the news? "

NC: "No, he can not just cut me off and go away."

AB: "Well, he's because he's at ten."

It reminds me of Peter O & # 39; Hanrahanhanrahana from "Dan Today". Peter, you lost the news! The next time you cross the road, do not bother watching.

Christ, what happened to journalism ?!
Stu, Southampton

Double cheat VAR
I have to start with two awards. First I'm a fan of Chelsea. Second, I disagree on how VAR slows down the game and looks at just some things. In my opinion, this is in itself unfair. I am all for the line line technique, because it is implemented in real time and is incredibly accurate.

What we saw yesterday evening was a mess at so many levels where officials opposed the guidelines and canceled the right decision.

Before that, we saw that Mata for Man U was rejected because a small part of his crib (with which you can score) in the offside. We are told that no part of the body that can reach the goal can be offside.

Last night there were two big mistakes. At this point we must recognize an assistant who actually got a very close decision. There is no doubt that Kane was in the offside – his feet may not have been, but his breasts, shoulders and head were all. This makes it categorical offside.

However, in spite of the fact that we are doing the right thing and later marking a shelter, this is wrong in the VAR era. I know people will say "a whistle game," but you can see that the Chelsea defenders raised their hands and stopped playing. The assistant raises the flag to the game. I was not aware of such things to be able to check if the assistant raised the flag?

So, while he was right to raise the flag (when Kane was in the offside), he was mistaken because he did it because of the VAR. Does that make sense ?!

Then the right scale starts. The decision is then reviewed at one angle, obviously from the angle of the flag. This is a completely false perspective. It only showed that Kane's feet were in line with Azpilicuetino. Where was the opinion needed to make the right decision? Basic biology will tell you that if two people are level but moving in opposite directions, then there will be different body angles and positions in the game. So, even in this corner it can be concluded that Kane was in fact off-line. But you simply can not have VAR and then you will not have the cameras in order to make the right decision.

As the data tracking camera originated, Kane was obviously in the background. Thus VAR missed the game for two minutes, changed the result and turned the brilliant decision of the assistant. This is the future?

If we only have one terrible camera, then the VAR simply can not work.

And I am determined against VAR, so I would say the same thing the decision was taken by the CFC route.
Tom Birkert, London (PS – Hudson-Odoi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pedro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Willian

I totally agree Simon, THFC instead of acting on the court when the ball is in play. * It really frustrates me, especially if the camera in the crowd watched a game that we do not see at the moment.

Man City-Liverpool had this last week, when the camera took about 2 minutes to focus on Pep, who threw his anger into anger at the decision when it was only a few minutes. I do not care if there is a reason that there is nothing on the field, I wish I could see this "nothing", especially if nothing changes into something.

When BT Sport first started to show the football Premier League, I'm sure that I would remember that in the corner there would be a small window that would continue to show the game when they showed a repetition or reduced to the manager – I feel like I could now I imagine this – but I do not understand why this is not possible. Anyway, when the camera is cut to the manager / master / injured player on the stands – why can this not only be displayed in a small window, so the commentator can still comment on that person without directly interfering with the main view?
Don L. Renegade

I wanted to agree with John Stanley, Tottenham fan from this mailbox.

Almost exactly a year ago [January 11th 2018] I wrote [unpublished] why I thought that BT was biased against VAR. We would have Howard Webba as his third commentator to review the controversial decisions, but he continually agrees with whatever the official of the day of the match said, but most of all he said that we should give it differently, but I understand why he gave it . He always has a disclaimer.

Therefore, people said that the official of the day of the match is always right, [despite knowing this not to be true] So when a decision is in conflict with your team in the country, and the VAR overcomes the judgment, people will be upset. This is the best thing ever since bread is sliced, if that does not mean that it is pleasant in your teams.

Sky, which deliberately deliberately displays the wrong lines, only to initiate debates, and at some point you know that it will be inserted into their betting channels. [upheld] at the game. Like Souness and Savage, they will never get their heads around the technology, so they'll break up for years to come.

I do not see that changing the reps would be displayed in the stadiums, but football fans are not confident enough. Even in football friendly matches in Ireland, if there is a free shot at the stadium, they advertise on the television, if this is a controversial decision and we, farmers, riots.

I hope VAR is successful and it's more accessible to fans who are playing the day.
Anto, Dublin

Lovren's story
Dear Sir or Madam

I am very sick of Liverpool fans who went to Lovren. It does not matter what he is doing in the game, the story of the media is that he is a weak defender and that everyone, including Football365, believes that.

In the game against City, Lovren showed Aguero on a weaker leg and on the line. Proper defense. It was an incredible mistake that Alissona defeated in his nearby city. Nevertheless, we must all blame Lovren. Can you imagine how much Lovren would you still have if you confessed that punishment at Anfield? People would still be talking about this. Ever since Tottenham matched with the previous season, how many errors he actually did? VVD is, of course, a much better defender, but I can remember more that he did, such as the penalty, scored against City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and poor PSG defeat in the 2: 1 defeat.

From whoscored.com, Lovren estimates Liverpool's fourth best player with a much higher score than Gomez. I remember last year against Brighton, how our only center was back, but nevertheless superbly developed the defense, which consists of Can and Wijnaldum! It also seems to me to be a really good guy. In the current political climate, it was courageous to speak in support of refugees. He also likes coffee with Mo Salah!

Stop criticizing our players and face them with the manager.
The lawyer on the bench (PS: the first time I ever sent by e-mail)

The Mini World Cup would not work
Andy (MUFC) had an interesting idea about the fact that the FA Cup ended the season, but I think this would further devalue the cup. So, PL will end in mid-April now when the matches are pulled forward to make the space – you just won the league / the rest or you fell out after the long hard season – how many of these clubs will come anywhere close to a full strong team?

The first squad will be sent on holiday as soon as the clubs see the obvious benefits of their celebrities who will rest from the end of April to the end of June, when they start before the season – thrown into the toilet or euro year to start and you will end up most PL will enter on their U23 side with some players who hope to test themselves in a mix for a good measure – they should also match the existing play-offs of the football league, which would be a nightmare.

The FA Cup is fine, but if a tie is needed, I think I could go to the German DFB Cup format. All take part in the first round – the clubs that ranked in the top 32 cities in the league qualify, and the remaining 32 places qualify. Qualifications take place through local FA Cup competitions, i.e. One place goes to the winner of the Berks and the Bucks Cup – also the Checkatrade can also be used as a qualification competition.

The first round is played on Saturday before the start of the season, whereby the 32 best games all go away and act as the correct commitment for the season, while the remaining ties extend after the season either mid-week or weekends, depending on how the schedule works. There is no repeat, the equalization is complete.
Paul, Germany

Pedantna točka
Okay, so I actually agree with most of Dave's e-mails from the morning mailboxes, so that the choice to lose is a strange decision, given how difficult it is to win. Now I do not think that Liverpool actually did, but they obviously reviewed their priorities and decided that the FA Cup was by far the third. That's fine, they can do what they want, as far as I'm concerned (a bet that is easier for them), although I would argue that momentum is as important as rest in such a situation (I also argued that England should play a full team against Belgium in the summer, even though I know).

My accusation is the following: "A team that wins the prime minister's rank usually wins in another competition." I know, I should really have to leave him, but in the morning I can not deal with any work, so I decided to check.

26 Premier League finals were completed; During this time, 11 teams won the league and another trophy (for this I included the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Champions League). This means that 42% of the teams that won the Premier League won another trophy. However, we dig a bit deeper and see that 4 of these 11 events have included dual Premier League and League Cup. I'm totally a fan of the League Cup and I'm happy to celebrate when United won, so I do not like to give it up, but given the fact that most of the clubs are clearly the fourth priority, if we reject it, we see that only 27% of the teams won the league and the Champions League. Finally, this happened in only three of the 19 seasons that ended in this century ("# ​​99/00 to" # 17/18), which means that only 16% time of this century, the last of which is in 2010, almost a decade ago.

Therefore, I would argue that the team that wins the league usually does not win at another competition, and this is becoming increasingly difficult.
Jack (I like to emphasize that I do not believe that the teams would deliberately play the game just to avoid the deadlock of the calendar) Manchester

Goalkeeper stats
If we look at the recent Thibaut Courtois fights in Real Madrid, I wonder whether the goalkeeper's judgment regarding the amount of clean leafs makes sense.

I think that the clean sheets could lead to excellent defense, it could result from the opposition hitting the city three times in one game, because the opposition could play so badly that it would not even shoot one shot at the target. game and so on and so on. On the opposite side, most of the cases are unreasonable to expect the goalkeeper to save when shooting at the target is so well hit that it is physically impossible for any mortal to keep him from the net.

According to the top 6, many "weaker" teams sit back and try to play counter-attack, which results in the fact that the goalkeeper does not have much to do and at the end of the game, has a clean sheet that is contemplating his own name. then we are judging them by forgetting that at the end of the season we have repeatedly contributed little to the possible zero in its actual achievement.

It would certainly be a more accurate way to measure their lightning scores compared to the stored ones, the number of undelivered defects poor clearance, the possession of the property, the number of required corners, the number of cases when the goalkeeper came from his line and swam in the air instead of claiming the ball the situation 1v1 reached at the top, the number of sentences, the number of recorded images within 6 yards, 18 yards, outside 18 yards, etc.

Given the amount of data available in modern football, I am convinced that it would be possible for the Goalkeepers to create more accurate and relevant statistics? This should apply to all the places on the football field and one day when the pigs fly, maybe it could be used as the basis for the Ballon d'Or, rather than relying solely on perception and popularity.
Shahzaad, South Africa

Remove the League Cup
Attachment FA Cup it's simple; Stay on the League Cup. With just one cup in the match, the teams would take more seriously, and the significance would increase, as well as limiting the number of matches in the season.

In addition, the winning prize is expected to change according to the league in which the winning team is, that is, in the last place of the Champions League for the PL team, which is the last play-off point for the lower scores. A little encouragement, right?

Does Rami, London see no irony to hear a little obsessed with the challenges of Liverpool fans / titles when United did (or never was) in it?
Néill, Ireland

The bench is the best bunch
The claw made a mistake against City, hampered the team with the center he chose, ceded the initiative and handed the place to the winner, who was more than able to reach without his help. The fact that we put City back and entered, in the final stages of the game, showed the fear that we could use with a more aggressive approach.

The clash with Wolves was wrong and admitted so much. Wolves were not cups, and Klopp actually sent lambs to slaughter by this last line, which was further strengthened by Lovren, who was injured (although his replacement seemed a mile more complicated, although it was about half his age). Wolves are one of the better teams in the middle of Prem's table, and they and the FA Cup are demanding and deserving much more respect.

Liverpool's unbeaten start in the Premiership had a great deal of luck, Everton's goal and missed Mahrez's penalty immediately in the spring, but there were many more, Liverpool's performances were not adequate enough for the team that led the league so that they suffered a loss not much of a surprise . It is reasonable to expect that we will drop more points (Brighton is the worst possible next run) and the restored cities are favorites for capitalizing and re-winning the title, according to their better, deeper team and previous experience.

The result of the site is the latest in a long series of extremely critical high-pressure games that Klopp lost, and added that there was repeated failure in the final. his preparation for these highlights of the game of pressure – either too passionate and emotional, or pragmatic or tactfully thoughtful. Something is obviously wrong, his record speaks for itself.

Even if we break Bayern and return to the Champions League final, all of us ahead of us in regular target festivals, as we enjoyed the previous season, will not have the confidence that for this reason we will win in the final. I earlier sent to the post that the FA Cup was the best option for Liverpool and Silver Claw, so he was amazed when Klopp ruined him with his choice. Regarding the regular final defects, Klopp should absolutely focus on getting silverware – without this, the pressure of his lost record will increase.

With the goal of the FA Cup, Klopp exponentially increased the pressure on his players in Prem – so far we have not played with any pressure, but the Brighton game, by Klopp's cocks, has become the second finale of the cup. a week after the pressure on the city game and we all know how Klopp and his players are performing in the Cup Final.

But despite all of the above, I love Klopp, I love his approach, I love his relationship with my players and fans, and I like how I currently feel about Liverpool. Winning is not all. You probably would not agree with Shanks, but there is still a lot to be said about how you enjoy watching your team, how they work and how they play, attacking football, knocking goals on the go. For example, Salah punished Bobby – only positivity.

If this is a loss for me, let it be so. 99.999% of football fans are at any given time at the end of the season, and they can also have fun on the go.
Gofezo (so much hatred for Liverpool in the mailbox and comments recently – how until now we have not been able to achieve the status of another dance team)?


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