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Who is Lawson Bates and why do people think that Jana Duggar seemed to him?

Usually this is not a big media event when a person joins Instagram. But things are a little different if you are Duggar. When 28-year-old Jana Duggar debuted on social media this week, fans were scared. This is because in the past Duggar's daughter began to use social media only after they began to marry (a version approved by Duggar) or marry.

While Janina's sister Jessa closed the rumors, people are not sure she is telling the truth when she says her big brother is not in a relationship. Many believe that Jana may be involved in Lawson Bates.

Who is Lawson Bates?

Like Jana, Lawson comes from a big family with a background in reality television. He is one of 19 children in the fundamental Christian family, who performs on the TV stage of the UP Bring Bates.

The 26-year-old musician has released several solo albums and has toured the country. While not as famous as brothers and sisters Duggar, he has solid fans based on the number of followers on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. He said he wanted to be alone as an artist, independent of his family.

»Z [my] music [career], it was different, "Bates told Fox News in 2017." I'm not in the Bates family. You must hear it or break it on the basis of my music. This is a bit scary, especially if you are writing country music that you share a lot of hearts. "

Why do people think Lawson and Jana are engaged?

While Jana and Lawson obviously have something in common, this is not the only reason why fans think that two can prepare for a big announcement. After Jana joined Instagram, Lawson made a friendly comment on his first release, wrote "so technologically savvy", followed by some emotional symbols. For this reason, some assumed that they were involved.

It's not the first time that Jana and Lawson started rumors in social media. Last summer, the singer announced – and then quickly deleted – a photo of Jane on her Instagram. This has led some to speculate that there were two points, but they are not ready to make a public announcement, said Inquisitr.

The Jana-Lawson speaker is not new. In 2017, Lawson's mother, Kelly Jo Bates, turned to rumors that two of them were courting, and said nothing was happening.

The families Duggar and Bates have been friends for years, and at least some people think that the wedding will happen between two children.

"I personally think that you have 19 children on each side, I think it's almost inevitable somewhere in place," Lawson's sister Erin told ET in 2015. "As far as we can see, I think there's going to be some attraction. I do not know where else , but I think it will happen. "

Why is Jana Duggar not married?

Duggar family lovers have long wondered why Jana, the oldest girl in the family, was not married. Several of her younger sisters marveled, reported and had her children, but still live at home in Arkansas.

Although it is hardly surprising that someone is still single at 28, there is little wonder in the world of Duggar that people – especially women – often marry young people. But Jana seems pleased to spend her time until a real man comes in.

"There are different guys who come and ask, but they were not real. That's just one of those things, "she said Jill and Jessa: counting on in 2016. "Not only do I marry with the first one that comes … [I’m] that I am busy with where God has me right now and that I am satisfied in this place and I am learning as much as I can. "

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