Who is Joe Alwyn, boy Taylor Swift?


Composite image of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn | Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

Taylor Swift's boy is more and more dedicated when both of them attended the Golden Globes Awards. But how much do we know about Joey Alwyn?

Joseph Matthew Alwyn was born on 21 February 1991 in London. He is a young man with 6 feet and a centimeter. Joe graduated from English literature at the University of Bristol, who has his roots in the Technical Trade Company, founded in 1595, and then studied at the Royal College of Speech and Drama, where he graduated in 2015.

Joey Alwyn's family

Alwyn's mother, Elizabeth, is an author and columnist with a psychoanalytic degree of psychotherapist. His father Richard is a documentary. In the family tree is also a grandfather, who was a composer, a music teacher and a conductor. Joe's great uncle was a political activist in support of nuclear disarmament.

Film credits by Joey Alwyn

In 2003, Alwyn tried to get Sam's role in a very popular movie Love in essence but he did not get a job. Instead, Thomas Brodie-Sangster played Sam. After this disappointment, Alwyn did not play a role in the film for the next thirteen years.

In 2016, Alwyn attended auditions for Billy Lynn Billy Lynn's long half. The American emphasis he used in the film was so simple that Steve Martin, who played opposite Joe, did not know that Alwyn was British until they were well prepared.

In the recently released movie My favoritedirected by Yorgos Lanthimos, Alwyn plays Samuel Masham, a baron in the Queen Anne Hall. Those who know this call their breakthrough movie.

Interestingly, Joe is in the second British drama, which was released in 2018, Mary's Queen of Scotland. Alwyn assumes the role of Robert Dudley, the Count of Leicester, who is the favorite queen.

Joe's other films include:

  • The meaning of the end – British film from 2017. t
  • Operation Finale – postproduction
  • The boy was erased – plays the intimidating role of Henry
  • Harriet – postproduction

Alwyn prepared a model performance in 2016 with the Vogue Magazine. Interestingly, he designed it in parallel with Gigi Haddad, one of the Taylor Swift team members.

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift may have met in 2013

Joe Alwyn stands in blue dress Joe Alwyn | Anthony Harvey / Stringer / Getty Images

According to many, Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have been in October 2016. The speculation is that they met at 2013 saw a gala ball, what was before or after Taylor's collapse with Calvin Harris. Taylor has already written a song in Joe's honor, Call what you want, wonderful.

The first appearance of two outside the public was in May 2017 in Nashville, after Taylor separated from Tom Hiddleston.

Finally, they had Joe and Taylor Golden Globe Awards in 2019. Her lovely Atelier Versace dress and his mind, a great look, were the scene.

Both Alwyn and Swift try to make their relationship as private as possible. But privacy has never been forte Taylor Swift. The people she was with; traveling that she took with her escort; her confusion with other celebrities and her media exposure turned Swifta into costly social media.

Alwyn is clear about his mode of action, as is true of his private life. That is to keep his life private and interviews to talk about his work.

Taylor Swift is hiding?

No, it will not become purple. But because she is now 29 years old, and her habit of staying at the center of attention, even if her important other is not, has changed significantly. She is ready to get rid of constant photography, constant media exposure and constant inquiries about her relationships.

Of course she will continue to write songs about her boys and she will always be the biggest fashion pop culture. We think it's safe to say that Taylor is growing. This connection with Alwyn has already become one of the most extensive relationships Swift has experienced. It's rumored to be Taylor in the near future a ring. It seems that the year 2019 will be exciting for the Swift-Alwyn duo.


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