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WestJet Airlines Ltd. it is going to the Supreme Court of Canada to drop the proposed lawsuit, initiated by former stewards, from the court.

The airline has lost the effort to overcome the campaign in both. The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, but the documents requesting permission to appeal lodged with the higher court say that the case raises several issues of national importance.

Mandalena Lewis worked for WestJet for eight years and states in her legal procedure that the employer has violated the promise to provide women with a job without harassment.

In his application, WestJet claims that the High Court must decide whether the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Court have exclusive jurisdiction to claim allegations of sexual harassment in a federal company that is not affiliated with a trade union.

The documents show that if the case can be referred to a court, the jurisdiction of the commission and the tribunal is actually annulled, which could not have been the intention of the Parliament when it was established.

Lewis states in her civil lawsuit that she was sexually assaulted by a pilot at a Hawaii station in 2010 and that WestJet violated her pledge of harassment in his contract.

WestJet denied the accusation that he had not taken the appropriate action after Lewis reported what had happened.

Her application proposes to represent all current and former women escorts of WestJet, whose employment contract included the airline's promise of harassment.

Lewis announced on Thursday that WestJet's individually signed WestJet recruitment contracts include an anti-bullying policy that goes beyond what the Canadian Human Rights Act requires.

Lewis says that the company's attempt to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is a tactical delay, "which is supposed to reduce the number of survivors seeking justice."

However, WestJet states in its application that the Supreme Court would, through the consideration of the complaint, ensure the clarity of the law at the appropriate forum for systematic allegations of sexual harassment, between human rights bodies and class actions in the courts.

Before the appeal is handled by the Supreme Court, the court must apply for a leave to leave or a permit to appeal. The website of the court states that approximately 600 applications for leave are submitted each year, with only about 80 applications being granted.


April 18, 2019 / 15:50 | Story:

Prime Minister Rachel Notley and future Prime Minister Jason Kenney launched the official transfer of power to Alberta on Thursday, while Notley said that Kenney is already receiving real lessons about the differences between political representations and governance.

Mr Notley said that since the leader of the United Conservative won the election in Alberta yesterday, Quebec rejected its public offer for the acceptance of new pipelines and B.C. This week, the government officially approved a federal law on the formalization of the ban on oil tankers on the northern coast.

"What proves it is not as simple as having a press conference and expressing people's resentment over and over again," Notley told reporters after meeting Kenney in a government house.

"This is a complex state. It involves the discussed diplomacy and strategic pressure in a thoughtful way.

"We will be careful to ensure that diplomatic and strategic pressure is taken into account in the gas pipeline without showing any political outcome."

Kenney, the former federal conservative cabinet minister, won a strong majority in politics on a policy that is tough for all opponents of oil and gas. He criticized the government of Notreya for many years, allowing a federal policy that is damaging the oil and gas industry in Alberta.

He said that the passivity of the NDP was deliberately gaining federal approval for the Trans Mountain Gas Project project, which in 2016 received a green light to get more oil from Alberta at B.C. the coast, but due to legal challenges and cancellation in court has not yet seen the shovel in the ground.

Kenney promised to beat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in court on several fronts, including a federal carbon tax, and promised to do everything in his power to overcome Trudeau in national elections.

Notley said she discussed a number of issues with Kenney on Thursday, including Bill 12, which the Notley government introduced and accepted but never declared the law. The law gives Alberta the power to limit shipments of oil to B.C. if this region continues to resist Trans Mountain.

Kenney said that the first act of his government would be promulgated by Law 12 to send a strong message that Alberta will protect its oil and gas. Legal experts say that this is also a step that could be given by B.C. the opening must successfully challenge the constitutionality of the law in court.

Notley said that Kenney's promise of raising the government's government's top-level government for Alberta's oil emissions could jeopardize the approval of Trans Mountain as the ceiling is the key reason that Ottawa has approved a multi-billion dollar project.

Kenney said that his approach will be one of the ways of cooperation and diplomacy with all political leaders, but he will not leave any doubt about Alberta's determination to take up his own bread and butter industry, especially against those who benefit from it, in the meantime when they oppose its growth.

As part of this fight plan, Kenney committed to creating a government-wide communication "war room" to challenge oil and gas enemies and those that spread the wrong information about the industry.

This will have an initial budget of $ 30 million, Kenney said on Thursday, and will employ communications professionals who are creative and, more importantly, agile and quick to fight rhetorical fire with fire.

"The industry and the governments of the various Partisan routes were not fast enough to respond to the upcoming attacks," Kenney said.

"I want a government unit that will be on this (actual mistakes and lies) as soon as it is published, and asked for a correction."

Kenney and his new government will swear on April 30th, as the spring session will begin a few weeks after that.

Notley remains in the role of opposition leader, but I would not say on Thursday whether this will be short-term, while the heir will be settled or if he intends to stay for four years and lead the NDP to the next election.

"It's a bit too early," she said.

"I intend to lead the official opposition of Alberta and to take up the matter for which we fought in the elections."

April 18, 2019 / 1:42 | Story:

A comprehensive economic assessment of the new North American Free Trade Agreement, which announced that the United States will have less economic gain, was quietly ticking on Thursday with Washington, which was prone to Mueller's report.

In addition, the much-anticipated report of the US Commission on International Trade undermined the Trump administration's rationale for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, said one of Canada's leading trade lawyers.

The new report came amid growing doubts about the real impact of the US-Mexico-Canada-USMCA agreement and political barriers to ratification in all three countries. The Commerce Commission announced – all 379 pages – on Thursday, after postponing months with the 35-day closure of the US Federal Government.

His findings are important because they are generally considered to be a neutral body that can provide a thorough assessment of the economic merit of a new arrangement that is confronted with growing opposition – especially from Democrats who want Trump to reject the political victory in a trade agreement seen as positive .

The Commission announced modest economic growth in the US as a result of the agreement – a 0.35% increase in gross domestic product and 176,000 new jobs, which is only 0.12%.

"That's it? All this time and all this headache, and disturbances in the North American supply chain and businesses due to 176,000 jobs?" said Cyndee Todgham Cherniak, an international trade law firm based in Toronto.

The report also announced that US exports to Canada and Mexico would increase by US $ 19.1 billion and that US imports from both countries would also increase by the exact amount of $ 19.1 billion.

Todgham Cherniak said that the identical numbers reveal America's raison d'etre for re-negotiating NAFTA – that the US is suffering from an unfair trade deficit that needs to be corrected.

"The issue of the trade deficit is completely neutralized."

In the key automotive sector, the assessment was positive, but with one warning: cars could be more expensive for consumers due to new substantive rules that would prevent the use of cheaper foreign parts – that is what Trump claimed as a US killer

The key issues in the NAFTA renegotiated negotiations were the complex formula for content for North American cars, known as the rules of origin, and the updated work provisions for Mexico.

New Agreement "would strengthen and complicate the rules of origin in the automotive sector by increasing the regional value requirements (RVC) and adding other requirements."

This would increase the production of automotive parts and create new jobs, as well as "cause a slight increase in prices and a small reduction in vehicle consumption in the United States".

Dan Ujczo, a lawyer for trade and expert from Canada and the US in Columbus, Ohio, said the analysis confirms that the US will never get a better deal with Canada and Mexico than the current agreement. He suggested that this was certainly controversial for the widespread political turmoil triggered by Mueller's report, which examines whether the Trump campaign implicated Russia in interference in the 2016 presidential election.

"Unfortunately, today's second report will be used by Washington for the remainder of the spring and it is unlikely to address the Congress in 2019," Ujczo said.

The Trump administration expects the Merchant Commission to arrive at a merciless assessment with the introduction of a new charm offensive in order to sell the merits of the new free trade pact and to oppose growing skepticism about the economic benefits of the deal.

The US trade representative said on Thursday that a new agreement to be ratified would return jobs to the US from Mexico. In a new nine-year "white paper", he said the new Continental Trade Agreement will generate $ 57 billion in new investment in automotive production and create 76,000 new jobs in the US automotive sector over the next five years.

The USTR senior official who reported to journalists about the state of anonymity rejected the report of the International Monetary Fund, which said that the new rules of origin and labor provisions will lead to a reduction in vehicle production in all three countries.

The new USTR report did not mention the penalties for steel and aluminum imposed by Trump on Canadian and Mexican imports of steel – in order for both countries to indicate barriers to the ratification of the new pact.

Flavio Volpe, chairman of the Canadian Automobile Parts Manufacturers Association, said that US automakers could not meet new car requirements with tariffs of 25% and 10% for Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum.

"You can get there, but you will not get there profitable," said Volpe.


April 18, 2019 / 12:17 | Story:

New federal data show that the highest earnings in Canada paid a slightly higher share of the total income tax in the country after liberal changes were designed to make the largest percentage contribute more.

The Liberals came to power in 2015 on the basis of a campaign-called "middle class tax cut" – to reduce the tax rate to the middle income bracket and raise taxes on all incomes above $ 200,000.

According to the Finance Department, the share of total personal taxes paid by the highest recipients in 2017 was 25.1 percent, compared with 24.2 percent in 2014, or 0.9 percent more than before the announcement of liberal action.

Tax changes entered into force at the beginning of 2016, but it is more appropriate before and after the discussion to compare data for 2014 with those of 2017.

A separate report published today by the parliamentary budget office draws attention to this problem, and notes that higher recipients have shifted revenues to avoid absorption of a large tax hit in 2016, which affected data for that year and year.

The report by the budget supervisor estimates that the largest recipients have transferred their revenues in order to avoid paying higher taxes – changes in behavior that have increased government revenue by $ 5.6 billion in 2015 and reduced by 3 in 2016, 2 billion USD.

UPDATE 12:06 pm

The North Face Company The North Face says three members of a world athlete team died after a landslide at Banff National Park in Alberta.

The company says that the famous American alpinist Jess Roskelley and Austrian climbers David Lama and Hansjörg Auer are missing.

The North Face says he is doing what he can to support his family and friends.

Parks Canada says three men on Wednesday tried to climb the east wall of Howse Peak at Icefields Parkway.


Emergency crew in the search for three men who are thought to have died in a landslide in Banff National Park are hindered by weather conditions.

Rescue teams were warned of the situation when three experienced climbers did not report and were reported late.

The crew can see the area from the sky and there is evidence of landslide, including wrecks containing climbing equipment.

Based on the assessment from the air, it is not believed that any of the three climbers could survive.

Parks Canada are hindering dangerous conditions and are worried about the risk of multiple avalanches.


Parks Canada says the three hikers died on a landslide in Banff National Park, Alberta.

The federal agency says three people tried to climb to the east side of Howse Peak at the Icefields Parkway crossing.

They were reported on Wednesday.

"Visitors to the Parks Canada visitor experts immediately responded with air and observed signs of many landslides and wrecks containing climbing equipment," the agency said.

Officials believe that recovery efforts have been abandoned due to the persistent risk of avalanches in the area. It is predicted that rain and strong winds will make the situation worse.

One of the men is an American, the other two from Europe.

Parks Canada says that there are three highly experienced and professional mountain sportsmen.

"Parks Canada extends its sincere condolences to families, friends and loved mountaineers," the press release reads.

The east wall of Howse Peak is distant and Parks Canada says it's extremely difficult to climb due to mixed rocks and ice trails.

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April 18, 2019 / 12:02 | Story:

It is expected that the first demonstration of 4-20 years on Parliament's Hill, since marijuana became lawful, attracted more people than usual.

Thousands of people usually set up a shop on Hill to smoke marijuana and highlight cannabis culture, but the organizers of this year's event expect that more people will come out of their shells and join now when it's lawful.

But at a morning press conference, the organizers also made it clear that there were still issues that the federal liberals had left hanging over, which makes the work of legalization incomplete.

Shawn Mac names the boonoggle legal system for cannabis and accuses the government of using misleading information to justify excessive regulation that has helped big companies in the market.

The Canadian Marijuana Party says liberals must remove past convictions for their simple possession, rather than abandoning their records, and to issue a formal apology for the prohibition of the damage that the black community had in particular.

There are also concerns about the government's decision to tax medical marijuana.

April 18, 2019 / 10:15 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially launched the selection process for the replacement of Supreme Court Judge Clement Gascon today, without taking into account Federal Conservatives' calls to postpone it.

59-year-old Gascon, who is from Quebec, announced on Monday that he will resign from his country's highest court for personal and family reasons in September.

Trudeau says former Prime Minister Kim Campbell will resume the search as head of the advisory committee, whose members have not yet been appointed.

The committee will be responsible for drawing up a short list of three to five potential candidates who must be trained in civil law and from Quebec.

The decision to open an investigation to replace Gascon is likely to mean that the next right will be named before this autumn election.

It is also contrary to the wishes of the opposition Conservatives who demanded Trudeau to detain and investigate the appointment of who disclosed information about the dispute between Trudeau and former Advocate General Jody Wilson-Raybould, who should be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada .

The Canadian media and CTV reported last month that Wilson-Raybould had recommended Glen Joy, the chief judge of the Royal Court of Manitoba, as the new Supreme Court judge of Canada.

According to sources, Trudeau is concerned about his choice because he considered that Joyal has a conservative, restrictive approach to the interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Trudeau eventually appointed a Supreme Court Judge Richard Wagner, who replaced Beverley McLachlin, who retired as head judge in December 2017.

He also named Alberto Judge Sheilah Martin to fill Canada's seat on the bench.

The leak that Trudeau says he did not come from his office agreed in the midst of widespread anger over Wilson-Raybould's assertion that the autumn was being wrongly pressed last autumn to stop the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin over bribery charges abroad.

Reports indicate that Trudeau had reasons not related to the Montreal Engineer Gigant to transfer Wilson-Raybould from the prestigious portfolio of justice for veterans affairs in mid-January.

Wilson-Raybould is convinced that this was a penalty for her refusal to stop the prosecution. A month after moving, she resigned from the Cabinet and was removed from the Liberal Group at the beginning of April.

Gascon officially withdraws on September 15th, which is after the official start of the autumn elections.

If the lower house has the opportunity to hear about the decision and ask questions to the new judge before the elections, the advisory board and Trudeau should decide before the end of June.

Trudeau does not have to choose a judge recommended by the Advisory Board.

Trudeau on May 17th set the deadline for interested candidates to submit a registration package.

April 18, 2019 / 8:24 | Story:

The Harvard professor claims that he was not allowed to speak at Concordia University because he is white and has conservative opinions.

Harvey Mansfield wrote an opinion this week at the Wall Street Journal when he said that the Concordia Academy of Fine Arts canceled the offer to contact students. He says he had to give an introductory speech on studying large books.

Mansfield, a Harvard government professor, says he was informed of the decision in a letter from Mark Russell, director of the school. The college representative was not immediately available for comment.

Mansfield says Russell's letter did not explain why the university had changed about his visit.

It says that from someone who is not the main one, he learned that 12 graduates required the college to cancel his speech engagement. Mansfield says alumni were allegedly upset by his views on gender and culture.

Mansfield says he has been rejected for speaking because he is a white conservative professor. Canadian Press could not immediately get to Mansfield for comment.

April 18, 2019 / 7:49 | Story:

The Ontario Court upheld an order stopping legal proceedings against three big tobacco companies and refusing the arguments of lawyers representing smokers.

Thomas McEwen, a Supreme Court judge in Ontario, issued his decision on Wednesday, but did not explain his reasons, saying he would be issued later.

Companies – JTI-Macdonald Corp., Rothmans, Benson & Hedges and Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd. – Last month's stay was approved as part of the procedure for the protection of creditors.

They obtained protection shortly after the highest court in Quebec confirmed the decisive decision by which they were ordered to pay more than $ 15 billion to smokers in two lawsuits in collective lawsuits.

The companies said they had no choice but to make a living so that they could continue to work when trying to reach a global settlement with all those who have claims against them, including members of the class action and several provincial governments.

But attorneys representing members of the class claimed that the stay in their case should be revoked if tobacco companies plan to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Quebec judgment.

At the hearing, which was held earlier this month, they said that companies can not negotiate in good faith while challenging the findings of the court.

Lawyers have said that if businesses were to file a complaint, the case should be returned to the Quebec court to stop the execution of the decision until the appeal process is completed.

In his decision, McEwen said that ordering a stay would require the parties to request a court order before the start of new procedures involving companies, including applications for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The judge had previously extended the order to June 28, and a few days before it was supposed to be a hearing.

The Tobacco and Health Council in Quebec, who was behind the group lawsuit, said he would not comment on the decisions until the judge's reasons were announced.

Lawyers representing several provincial governments opposed the request of lawyers from Quebec, as one group of applicants claims to be a priority over others.

April 18, 2019 / 6:08 | Story:

UPDATE 6:07 am

The federal government has postponed the decision to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline project by 18 June.

Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi says that the extended deadline will give the government more time to complete consultations with indigenous groups.

On February 22, the National Energy Committee confirmed the extension of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which began the 90-day period for a decision in Ottawa.

This would set the previous deadline for the decision of 23 May.

The construction of the gas pipeline was delayed last year when the Federal Court of Appeals ruled that the committee did not take into account marine influences, and the government had to do more consultation with indigenous people.

The NEB report in February produced 16 new recommendations for the government, including the reduction of the noise of ferries and incentives and the requirements for the smooth design of vessels.


The federal government has extended the deadline for deciding on the project to expand the Trans Mountain gas pipeline by 18 June.

More coming.

April 17, 2019 / 16:49 | Story:

Unofficial voter turnout showed that nearly 70 percent of Albertians voting in Tuesday's election were the highest in recent decades.

Albert's election said that 2,615,000 people were registered in Alberta.

Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Drew Westwater said that the informal voter turnout was 69.9 percent, according to figures closing in mid-afternoon in the afternoon.

"It's very, very high," he said. "We have not seen so many numbers since the 1980s."

The Alberta election report indicates that the turnout in the 1982 elections was 66 percent. The highest turnout was 81.8 per cent in 1935, the smallest in 2008 being 40.6 per cent.

Melanee Thomas, an associate professor of political science at the University of Calgary, said she never thought she would see 70 percent in Alberta.

"I was born in the 80's, so I met Alberta's politics during (Ralph) Klein's era," she said.

The participation of voters in Klein – from 1992 to 2006 – ranged between 60% of the 1993 elections and 45% in 2004.

Thomas said that Albertans went through the movement in those years.

"Low participation, which is such, is a truly good indicator of democratic weakness, which is directly related to the fact that we do not actually have competitive elections that have changed the parties and the government," she said.

In 2012, 2015, and 2019, there were more competitive elections in the province, as there was a possibility of a change of government.

Thomas said he expects people who have not voted before, including young men who are confronted with unemployment in the oil storage, to participate in this year's elections.

"In order for the participation to be so high, people who do not usually vote – should not have voted historically at Alberta," she said.

So far, the NDP has received more than 536,000 votes in these elections, and the winning United Conservative Party has won over 919,000 votes. The Alberta party won some 152,000 votes and Liberals 16,000.

Some surveys are still considered.

April 17, 2019 / 15:03 | Story:

The future Prime Minister Alberta says that a law that will overturn carbon tax in the province and another that will reduce taxes on businesses is the first steps that will be taken by his government once in power.

On April 30, Jason Kenney set the date for his swearing-in.

It is planned that the legislator will recall the third week of May, when new laws are proposed.

Kenney says that the first step of his new Cabinet will be to enforce the already passed law allowing the restriction of fuel shipments from Alberta if landscapes such as British Columbia are on the pipeline's path.

Kenney says he has already had a 15-minute telephone conversation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and will meet with two people after swearing.

Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party won the majority government over NDP Rachel Notley in Tuesday's election.

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