Week 15 NFL guide – the result of the forecast, the scenarios of climbing


We present a 15-year NFL slate with predictions of results for each match of our Nation reporters, what's in the climbing picture and the potential contract for Kevin Seifert, the soccer power forecast from the ESPN Stats & Information and much more.

Quarterfinals football: Chargers 29, heads 28

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Spread Point: HOU -6 | Matching quality: 26.8 (out of 100)

Choose Sarah Barshop: Even after Texans fell to Colts in the week 14 and failed to continue winning in nine games, they are hard to choose this week. Houston competitors fought against Indianapolis, but Texans should be able to return to the success they had in the series against this 27th ranking defense, which allowed an average of 132 racing boats to compete. Texans 24, Jets 13

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Choose Rich Cimini: There is no reason to choose Jets. With teams that entered the game with 0: 4, they won, which is the worst brand in the league. They lost these games on average by 15 points. Rookie QB Sam Darnold will not have his own lead rossier (Isaiah Crowell) and his leading receiver (Quincy Enunwa), which means a lot of tri-out-out against J.J. Watt & Co. Texans 31, Jets 13

What's in the game: Texans can win the AFC South with the win and loss of both Colts and Titans. In addition, there are eight scenarios in which Texans can at least provide barges for the tribe. The simplest: winning and losing either dolphins or Ravens. The victory of Jets could drop them from the first five of the draft order 2019. (FPI is currently projected at No. 4) – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: HOU, 69.2 percent. Houston is a big favorite on the move to take a step against the postseason, which is expected to earn 69 percent of the time with FPI. The main reason is that Texans ranked second in the NFL in defense efficiency this season, while Jets are second worst in offensive performance.

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Spread Point: DEN -3 | Matching quality: 41.1 (out of 100)

Choose Pat McManamon: The key to working with Denver is to halt past the hit defensive end Bradley Chubb and linebacker Von Miller. They combine for 25.5 bags. However, in the last three games, Browns's abusive line has given up only one bag, partly because Baker Mayfield is so smart that he feels and avoids rush. Mayfield plays on such a high level that it's hard to go against him. Browns 27, Broncos 20

Jeff Legwold's Pick: Broncos fought this year for their fight, but they were at home differently. This is true of their mentality and how much profitable fuel they left in the tank, after losing 49 players at the end of the week. They have thin, persistent predictions, but a game of corners Chris Harris Jr. against Mayfield will be a huge challenge. If Chubb and Miller finish with at least four combined bags in this, things will go on the Broncos route. Browns in Denver have not won since 1990. Broncos 27, Browns 21



Darren Woodson chooses Browns and Tedy Bruschi takes Broncos at week 15.

What's in the game: Unlikely, since the start of their season, Browns have not been eliminated from the playoffs. However, there are five teams in order to happen. Broncos have "only" four. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: DEN, 77.1 percent. According to the FPI, Browns was among the first five effectiveness-effectiveness, since after week 8 they were replaced by trainers. Also this week, they are faced with a tough test against the Broncos team, which ranked first for the opponent Total QBR (52.5).

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Spread Point: CHI-6 | Matching quality: 68.1 (out of 100)

Choose Rob Demovsky: As Aaron Rodgers and Packers striker rejuvenated last week after a coaching change, there is one question that seems to have no positive answer: how will the Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks and other Bears drivers "block" the world? This is also a challenge with a healthy offensive line, but right to fight against Bryanu Bulagi, although he was injured due to his knee, the right defender Byron Bell responded to the IR last week and left defender Lane Taylor did not play at week 14. Bears 20, Packers 16

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Jeff Dickerson's pick: Green Bay hit too hard on his offensive line to stop Bears. Chicago defense is number 1 of the league in preparation (34), interception (25) and points to turnover (107). Much of this stems from the pressure of his seven. Rodgers is one of the biggest quarterly odds ever, but if someone does not block Mack, Bears will be ready to get to their first climbing berth since 2010. Bears 24, Packers 18

What's in the game: Bears can win NFC North by winning or losing Viking. It is possible that Packers could be eliminated from dispute over seasons on the basis of many other results. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: CHI, 62.7 percent. After an impressive performance against the ram, Bears now has a defense efficiency of 79.1 of that season (on a scale of 0 to 100), making it the best in the league. Only three teams in our database (since 2006) recorded greater defense performance in the season: Ravens 2006 and 2008 and Jaguar from 2017.

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Spread Point: IND -3 | Matching quality: 62.8 (out of 100)

Choose Todd Archer: Cowboys will have to influence Andrew Luck. In the last nine games he was taken only seven times. For comparison, Dak Prescott was opened 34 times in the same range. The winner of Cowboys, led by DeMarcus Lawrence, recorded at least one bag this season and won in the fifth round in five matches. Kolts won six of their last seven games, but lost a single loss when Luck was fired three times by Jackson in the 13th week. Cowboys 23, Colts 13

Mike Wells: Kolts face the team at the important winning league for the second straight week. At the end of the week, they finished Houston's nine-wicket winning series. Now it goes against the Dallas team, who won five consecutive times. Cowboys bring fourth place defense to the NFL in Indianapolis to face the eighth best league offense. Kolts won six of their last seven matches, with three of these victories coming against teams whose defense was ranked among the top 10 at the time. It would not be surprising if this game goes back and forth for four quarters. Kauboji 34, Colts 30



Steve Young explains why he believes that Colts stops Ezekiel Elliot, Andrew Luck has the chance to lead his wins to victory.

What's in the game: Cowboys can win NFC East by winning or losing Eagles and Redskins. Kolts need a win to remain in a position to return if Ravens or Steelers broke in the last three games, an event that would open the second-ranked AFC wild card. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: IND, 60.1 percent. In the five-year Cowboys victory they achieved seventh place in aggressive efficiency (68.8) and fourth in defensive performance (63.4), according to FPI. At that time, defense defenders were good, and in the defense effective ranking they reached eight (59.7) and the first in the opponent Total QBR (41.4).

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Spread Point: BAL -8 | Matching quality: 48.9 (out of 100)

Jenna Laine's pick: Bucks' transfer was only 14 points and was in the second half against savants last week. The saints took away their explosive game. It's hard to see them doing more to defend Don Martindale, a group that is known for under pressure on the front, especially in the fight against the Tampa Bay attack line and the lack of a playful Bucs game. Plus, even with the improvements we see on defense under Mark Duffner since week 7, Bucs still denies more yards on the road than any other team in the league. Ravens 27, Buccaneers 17

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Jamison Hensley's Pick: The level has all the motivation in this game, knowing that the victory will make it possible to keep the number 6 in the AFC and move them to the first place in the division. Buccaneers lost five road games in a row, resulting in an average of 39.8 points. This is for Lamar Jackson to have his best season game. Balance 31, Buccaneers 10

What's in the game: The Ravens try to keep three other teams remaining in the 6th place for the AFC wild card end point, but the Steelers leap in the AFC North lead with a loss and a Steelers loss. At the moment, Buccaneers are firmly in the race for the top 10 chips sitting in 8th place according to the FPI. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: BAL, 70.0 percent. Another week, another important game for the Ravens according to their chances of winning. Baltimore has the third largest potential winner of all teams this week. Ravens would have a 59% chance of succeeding if they win and a 20% chance of losing.

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Spread Point: MIN -7 | Matching quality: 44.7 (out of 100)

Cameron Wolfe's pick: These are two candidates for climbing in the opposite direction. Minnesota, who lost two levels, appears to be in offensive disagreement after shooting offensive coordinator, while Miami is riding high from Miami Miracle and a win win streak after forming his offense around the treadmill. The Dolphins of Adama Gasea have reached the percentage (20-6) in the game by one of the points played by Adam Gase players since 2016, and from 2016 onwards they maintain a magical event with much excitement in Minnesota, thanks to the third best defensive defense of the NFL and the great the days of Frank Gore and Kenya Drake. Delfini 20, Vikings 17



Steve Young discusses the disappointment of the Viking season and how he deserves most of QB's blame Kirk Cousins, but not everyone.

Choice of Courtney Cronin: Dolphins are terrible on the road, losing five straight games outside of Miami for an average of 16.4 points. The Vikings Defense is illuminated at the U.S. Stadium. Bank, which ranks first in the hall and on the opposite side, achieved a low conversion rate of 29.7 percent in the third place. The Minnesota criminal offense will not look so much different from the intermediate OC Kevin Stephanie, but a shift in coaching staff needs to be given a great sense of urgency. Plus, the Vikings may be the healthiest thing in the weeks, with the expectation that they will play the Trae Waynes magazines. Vikings 23, Dolphins 10

What's in the game: The Vikings are holding their last spot in the NFC wild card race, hoping that the lighter remaining timetable will allow them to interfere with the postseason. Dolphins need a victory to stay at the astonishing distance of the AFC race. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: MIN, 82.5 percent. The Vikings have a second-ranked potential sweep in last week's qualifications, of which 77 percent if they win and 36 percent if they lose. Dolphins do not have such a big swing, but they are still important for them. Miami would have a 27% chance of winning with a win and only a 9% chance of loss.

In case you missed it: The gods are "owners" of Viking's fight against the misdemeanor … Why should Gase stay, regardless of how it ends in 2018 … The Vikings turn to OC Stefanski to prevent the "wasted" season

Spread Point: NYG -2.5 | Matching quality: 44.0 (out of 100)

Choosing Turon Davenport: The Titans found the other half of the package and the formula needed to win the race late in the season, when Derrick Henry exploded 238 meters against the Jaguar. Giants allow 121.8 boats to the race, so expect Henry to pick up where he left. Tennessee's defense suffers from contradictory actions that allow 19.5 points per game to meet the formula. Titans are a dangerous team when they are balanced against the attack. He will try to contain Saquona Barkley, but Titans needs this game to stay in the playoff game and be on the go. Titans 27, Giants 19

When: 25.-27. April
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
How to Watch: ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN App

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Selection Jordan Raanan: The next three weeks against three climbers will be the real test of how far the Giants have come this season. Titans have made four of the lowest points in the NFL. Can the Giants do enough on a bad day in December against Tennessee? Not clean. The giants have reached 21 points per game this season. Titans 23, Giants 21

What's in the game: Like Colts and Dolphins, Titans hoping to jump on a wild card if Ravens or Steelers are sliding. The Giants' three wins in the last four games fell to no. 8 in the projection of the FPI position. Another win or two could stand with a top-10 pick. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: NYG, 58.5 percent. Giants were particularly good in the last four games. They rank seventh in the offensive efficiency and secondly in defense efficiency in this range, according to FPI, and have enabled the lowest opponent Total QBR (35.3).

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Spread Point: ATL -8.5 | Matching quality: 41.6 (out of 100)

Choice of Josh Weinfuss: Sunday's competition clash bad Cardinals foul against poor Falcon defense. And although two of the three Cardinals wins on the road, they are still 2-4 away from home. Cardinals are ranked in the last of nine offensive categories, while falcons are ranked in the bottom quarter of the league in the 11th best game of the game, Arizona will be fourth place past defense against the fourth rank of the Falcons offense. " Sokoli 27, Kardinali 14

Vaughn McClure's pick: There is not much that it was a falcon during the current fifth run that lost the car. However, the worst mistake of the league (81.2 yards per match) was won by 107 yards last week by the loss of Packers. Perhaps the falcons can build on this game against the team of the 3-10 Cardinals team, which allows almost 140 yards of the match to be played. Setting up a run should help Matt Ryan and the juice of a gaming action passes into a lower field. Falcons 28, Cardinals 17



Darren Woodson and Tedy Bruschi choose Falcons to beat cardinals at week 15.

What's in the game: Cardinals are ongoing for a total number of no. 1 in the draft year 2019, so winning is not necessarily in their best interests. Falcons do not get out of the climbers, but, that's not far away. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: ATL, 89.0 percent. Falcons are very popular at home, which is expected to earn 89 percent of the time by the FPI. This is Atlanta's biggest favorite, which was in the game in our data series (since the beginning of the 2008 season).

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Spread Point: JAX -7.5 | Matching quality: 25.5 (out of 100)

John Keim's pick: Redskins could win the quarter-finals with Josh Johnson, but this is not Johnson. It is a criminal offense by which two security guards begin. The row is constantly delayed with tasks in the running game, partly because players often change gaming points. There is no Jordan Reed in Washington and maybe not Josh Docton. Johnson was well off last week – his legs provide a positive dimension – but Redskins would rather play the match. There has not been any lately. Therefore, field defense is more than any other team in the last three weeks. Skins are also minus-five in the difference in the traffic of the last three games. Jacks wins in shooting. Jaguars 9, Redskins 7

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Mike DiRocco's pick: The Jaguars are confronted with a serious underwater Redskins team that will launch a quadrangle that has not thrown the NFL by the end of 2011. Jaguars is supposed to win the game with a little bit of trouble, but there is one stat that you should stop each: one offensive in the past two weeks. That's all that Cody Kessler has managed to get from Blake Bortles. He was efficient and did not turn round the ball, but Jaguars only have four games that are 18 meters or more, and in these two matches they made only four red passes. Plus, the question is whether the defense will be shown after the last week of an unpleasant performance against Tennessee. Even with these issues, the Jaguars should allow the win over the decaying team. Jaguars 7, Redskins 6

What's in the game: Jaguars are eliminated from the postseason and are again fighting for the best five competitions. Redskins, meanwhile, are close to the top 10 pick – FPI projects at no. 13 – like on the shoulder city. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: JAX, 68.1 percent. Johnson posted 68.9 Total QBR on Mark Sanchez last week, the highest Total QBR in Redbins QB since the third week (85.4 by Alex Smith). The Jaguar Security Plan in QB was not so smooth. In his two starts since the takeover for Bortles, Kessler released 28.6 Total QBR. Bortles has a 49.5 Total QBR this season.

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Spread Point: CIN -2.5 | Matching quality: 20.6 (out of 100)

Choose Paul Gutierrez: As tempting as it is to chose the Raiders above the bad Bengals team here, you must consider the Cincinnati frigid in December. But perhaps even more importantly, the inside of the offensive line of Raiders is so striking that neither Jon Gruden knows who will start at both guard posts. Certainly, Geno Atkins is slipping. However, Paul Guenther's defensive defense coordinator knows Cincinnati intimately when he has trained there over the past 13 seasons, as is reserve backup AJ McCarron. Why not, Oakland? Raiders 27, Bengals 26

Katherine Terrell's pick: There is no real reason to choose Bengals because they lost five running matches and were not similar to the same team from the beginning. However, last week they made one of their best defense capabilities in the long run. The Raiders attack is one of the worst bengal countries facing the whole year, and their defense does not serve exactly on all cylinders. If the Bengals can keep the momentum from last week, this is definitely a winning game. Bengals 24, Raiders 21



Darren Woodson believes that Joe Mixon will lead Bengals to victory, and Tedy Bruschi will be selected by Raiders on week 15.

What's in the game: Raiders threatened their preference for the total number of no. 1 after winning two of their last four games. They probably can not afford another victory if they want to come. And all you need to know about Bengal championships is to follow Browns in the table. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: CIN, 68.0 percent. Both teams may be unsuccessful for the bout, but you could see some offensive fireworks for final fantasies. In the final quarter, Raiders was the last, and Bengals is the worst in defense performance this year, according to the FPI.

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Spread Point: BUF -2,5 | Matching quality: 15.3 (out of 100)

Michael Rothstein's pick: However, the Lions are still climbing for climbers, and Buffalo wins the franchise hop after a season for at least another week. Yes, the offense is incredibly beaten, but the defense has improved over the last month, as it has three of its last four opponents under 25 points. This will help Buffalo to have the second worst offense in the league in the backyards and score points. This should be enough to win the Lions in the second natural jawnfest. Lions 20, Bills 10

Mike Rodak's pick: Bills is 4-0 this season when they have a positive margin of traffic and 0-9 with a steady or negative margin of traffic, so it's no secret that bills must protect the ball in order to defeat the Lions. This is an achievable goal for Josh Allen, who will face the defense in Detroit, which is associated with the other major races in the season. Buffalo is 2-7 against defending in the upper half of the NFL in the interception and 2-2 against teams like Lions in the lower half. Bills 21, Lions 17

What's in the game: This game has two teams created by FPI projects for the best results in the draft in 2019. Continue with this. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: BUF, 55.0 percent. In three races of weekly scores, Allen ranks 6th in the NFL with 79.7 Total QBR. Much of this is due to its ability to rush. In the past three weeks, Allen has added 18.7 points, which is more than three times that of all other QBs in this range.

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Spread Point: SEA -4 | Matching quality: 40.1 (out of 100)

Brady Henderson's pick: You can bet that Nick Mullens has the attention of Seahawks after throwing 414 yards ago two weeks ago, Seattle most of the time allowed it, Seahawks hit a little while as they went on Monday night's victory over Minnesota, and this game will be played in Santa Clara, so that the return could bring Seattle's 27% winning wins to the CenturyLink Fielder. But the dismissals were never a problem with Pete Carroll. Seahawks 28, 49ers 20

Nick Wagoner's pick: At the last meeting, Seattle won mainly because Niners turned it three times and forced it to zero. This was the biggest problem in San Francisco all year, because she forced her into a low five minutes. With Seahawks coming in a short week, and 49 on one of the better facilities, this must be close. But Niners' incompetence to force Seattle errors will allow Seahawks a 10-time victory over Niners. Seahawks 27, 49ers 20

What's in the game: Seahawks can win a wild card with a win. The victory of the 49ers could jeopardize their opportunity at no. 1 total pick in the draft. Cardinals and Raiders, both 3-10, are their main challenges. – Seifert



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson both Seahawks run all over Niners at week 15.

Projection of FPI winners: SEA, 65.8 percent. Seahawks are in excellent form for the season and would still have 99 percent chance to get even with a loss, according to FPI. In the second division, Niners would have a 47% chance in the first round with a loss and only a 4% chance to win.

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Spread Point: NO -2.5 | Matching quality: 80.4 (out of 100)

Mike Reiss "select: It's a pride game for the Patriots in an unpleasant way that they lost in the last dolphin game. Bill Belichick said that the team should play a better situation football and start with it. While the past is not a guarantee of how things will evolve, Patriots are good investors in "proud" games in recent years. This week, the players had a significant advantage. Patriots 31, Steelers 24

Choose Jeremy Fowler: This is perhaps the last time Ben Roethlisberger gets home patriots. The game must be played by Steelers. But the defense is trying to close the games, the pinch is a mess, and James Conner could miss another week, focusing on a game that was on average a total of 2.1 yards per transfer in Oakland. Tom Brady has seven wins, 23 touchdowns and one capture against Pittsburgh since 2006. The Rob belongs to AFC defenders. Patriots 30, Steelers 24

What's in the game: Patriots can win the finish line by winning and losing titans. To protect the title of AFC East, Patriots need a dolphin victory and a loss. Steelers can not get anything this week, but they would fall off AFC North with the loss and victory of Ravens. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: PIT, 59.7 percent. Steelers have the biggest potential momentum in their ability to win in their league and this week will reach the end of any team, according to FPI. Steelers would have a 89% chance of finishing (84% chance to win) with a win and a 48% chance to finish (43% to win the league) at a loss.

In case you missed it: Ben vs. Brady: The consequences of playing are essential for unchanged rivalry … Gunslinger "artist": Ben Roethlisberger's risk and reward … Gronka's revival of the Patriot silver coating in the crushing loss … Steelers dealing with backspin and Patriots is not a simple escape

Spread Point: LAR -11 | Matching quality: 62.5 (out of 100)

Choosing Tim McManus: Nick Foles will be in the heart of the city of Carson Wentz (back), and for some time this has disturbed some memories of the unsuccessful ride run by Foles a year ago. But this is the second Eagles team – one that has 12 players in the wounded and sits in a vulnerable position at 6-7. Reality will be heading towards the top team of Rams who will lose from Bears. Rams 33, Eagles 20

Lindsey Thiry's pick: The rams did not lose two consecutive seasons under coach Sean McVay, so you can bet after turning around in Chicago to get back. Eagles' defense ranks 25th in terms of permissions for the game (384.0). This is a nice competition for Jared Goffa, who has to fight again after the past weeks, and a Rams team that wants to end up in the first round. Rams 34, Eagles 25



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson just like Rams to beat the eagles in the 15th week.

What's in the game: NFC Western Champion Rams can win and lose Bears with the first round. They need help from saints in order to secure the advantage of your home NFC. Eagles are among three NFC teams with 6-7 records that have not yet been in a wild card dispute. – Seifert

Projection of FPI winners: LAR, 78.3 percent. Eagles stick to their tribal life. FPI gives Eagles only a 18% chance of winning without Wentz, but Philadelphia's loss would give only a 5% chance of reaching the playoffs.

In case you missed it: Wentz broke the vertebrae; the rest of the season in doubt … The high, low and northernmost competitions of the QF in the NFL … Where was Gurley Vs. Chicago? … history repeats? Failures could lead to another underestimated burden


Spread Point: NO -6 | Matching quality: 86.6 (out of 100)

Mike Triplett's pick: We pay most attention to the Senate. But their defense quietly played some of the best footballs in the NFL over the past 11 weeks. Seven Seven – led by Cameron Jordan, Sheldon Rankin, and Demari Davis – helped the other D in the league in the points allowed in this range (18.0 per game), first defending (75.6 yards per match), the other in bags (35) and bonded to the third in the arrangements (19). This should preserve their competitiveness, even if the offense starts slowly at some outside night at night. Saints 26, Panthers 20

David Newton's pick: The numbers indicate that saints should win and win. Panthers 0-3 against Drew Brees & Co in the past season and lost five straight games this season will also not be good. But Panthers are at home at home and have their backs against the wall against the blade. They saw what Dallas achieved in the best time against saints a few weeks ago and used a similar formula. Panthers 24, Saints 23

What's in the game: Saints, who have already won NFC South, can win by winning and losing Bears. The Panthers have the opportunity to return to the discussion of the NFC. They're half a game for Vikings for item no. 6. – Seifert

FPI win projection: NO, 65.8 percent. The Panthers need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, according to FPI. They would have a 16 percent chance with a win and a 2 percent chance with a loss. The Saints, meanwhile, have a huge potential swing in their chances at No. 1 seed in the NFC. They would have a 74 percent chance with a win and a 25 percent chance with a loss.

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