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I do not know anything about Jeff Bezos. I do not know whether he and his wife had already divorced and started walking with other people, or yesterday news of his relationship / affair triggered the declaration of divorce. There are no children in the cage at the border. But I think we can not ignore the fact that the story was interrupted by National Enquirer and that Enquirer has served as a personal vehicle for the attack of the current president for several decades.

One of the guys who now have an agreement to work with New York prosecutors in connection with hush payments is one of the lines on the Bezos story. (This is Dylan Howard.) Bezos, being the owner of The Washington Post, is one of Trump's top-class enemies. He has repeatedly attacked him on Twitter and much more in other environments.

One would surely have thought that the Enquirer people would be careful when the Trump offer if they were in the midst of a large criminal investigation, even if they were granted immunity. That's why I doubt to some extent the theory. But I'm not sure that there really is any reason to think that they have stopped their usual practices. No action. There's probably no money exchange.

Can I prove that this was done on the Trump initiative or in Trump's name? No. I have nothing but a clear presumption, the most logical reasoning. Now it's true that Enquirer has some story about affair. Maybe it just fell into their lap. But I think we should be very suspicious.

Here is Trump, who is dealing with Bezos today.


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