Vic Fedeli accuses Patrick Browne of accusations about books


Finance Minister Ontario Vic Fedeli made the first step in the action of former PC chief Patrick Browne over statements in his recent book that an employee of the party filed an appeal for a sexual assault on Fedeli.

In his book Takedown: An attempt at political assassination on Patrick Browne, published in November, Brown says that a female employee has left a notice in which Fedela accused "inappropriate behavior" in December 2017.

Fedelia's lawyers served both Brown and the publisher of Optimum Publishing International with a legal document known as the "Intention Notice" before the request for a defamation charge.

The notice requires Brown and the publisher to withdraw the disputed statements and to apologize to Fedelia.

"I received a letter from a lawyer requesting my publisher to withdraw the reference Take it down who mentions a complaint against sexual behavior against Vico Fedeli, "said Brown in a message Wednesday.

Brown called the request "confusing, as CBC has already independently verified whether an appeal has been filed".

Although CBC News did not see the handwritten notes of a woman, her lawyer told CBC News last year that she had formally complained about Fedelia's behavior.

In his book Takedown: Political Assassination, Patrick Browne, a former PC leader claims that a female party has accused Vick Fedeli of "misbehavior" a month before Brown was forced to resign due to allegations of sexual behavior. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Fedeli did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday. In November, immediately after publishing the book, he called the accusations "categorically wrong and without any merit".

"The facts relating to Browne's lack of credibility are well documented in public records as well as his reasons for using his book to follow old complaints," Fedeli said in a statement at that time, adding that "he was ready to take "any measures that are necessary for each person to take these false accusations. "

In her book, Brown does not provide any details of the woman's complaint against Fedelia. He writes about it as soon as he mentioned Fedeli's public statements about allegations of sexual offenses that forced Browne to resign last January.

"I was surprised at Fedi's cavalier, more fresh relationship, given that he knew very well that he might have avoided the bullet itself," Brown writes.

"In December 2017, I received a handwritten message from an individual who worked for the client. In this message, Fedelie was charged with misconduct," continues Brown. "Fedeli was informed that I intended to study this matter. I also sent him a strong message that he should not contact this person."

Brown's book was released in November, shortly after winning the election and becoming Mayor of Brampton. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Brown says he talked to a woman, but he did not want to investigate.

"None of the things she said in her note has ever been proven in court or she went to court," Brown writes.

Broan, Dean Baxendale, said on Wednesday that his company was surprised by Fedel's request to withdraw and apologize.

"We have nothing against Mr. Fedeli in the book, and we simply gave an anecdotal story that illustrated the author's alleged hypocrisy at Queen's Park," Baxendale said in a statement.

In November, NDP leader Andrea Horwath asked for an independent investigation into allegations against Fedeli.

Prime Minister Doug Ford told the legislator that the third party investigation had already been completed by Fedel and that he did not disclose "evidence" against the finance minister.


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