Vancouver 4/20: "Urgent" movement in the park dedicated to the Cypress Hill exhibition


Rapper B-Real "Cypress Hill" performs at "Red Stage" during the "Nova Rock 2016" festival on June 11, 2016 in Nickelsdorf.


The Vancouver Park Commissioner wants the Cypress Hill Group to maintain its grass.

John Coupar said Monday he would present a "urgent" request at the meeting of the board of directors to contact the organizers of the 4/11 hemp event next week and "demand the cancellation" of the planned performance of hip hop stars Cypress Hill. The purpose is to "work to control the size of the crowd and the potential damage to Sunset Beach Park", as the unspoilt city of Vancouver 4/20 was in recent years.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Vancouver 4/20 event and the first since the cannabis has been legalized.

The group confirmed that it had reached 4/20 with a a poster for an event on their Twitter account with the message: "Come with us."

Whilst Coupar would rather have 4/20 that does not happen in any Vancouver park, he said that the attempt to stop Cypress Hill performance is trying to "at least contain" the event.

"The size and scope of the event have changed significantly," said Coupar. "Now this is a commercial task."

The Draft Coupar proposes a post-media story published this week, saying "the legendary Californian hip hop group Cypress Hill … is very open pro-marijuana proponents and have sold more than 20 million records since the early 1990s. The videos include "Insane in the Brain", "I Want You High" and "Hit the Gods". «

Coupar has no problems with cannabis, he said, "but in the parks we have a ban on smoking and there's a reason."

Coupar also cited grave damage to Sunset Beach Park and the taxpayers' costs associated with the illicit event.

Dana Larsen, one of the 4/20 organizers, described Coupar's move as "stupid".

"I am sure that if I pass it, I will receive an email from employees in the park," said Larsen. "I'll answer back and say," Thank you for sending me an email and letting me know. «

Cypress Hill did not respond to a message sent to the administration on Friday.

In 2013, rapper Cypress Hill B-Real published a photo of English Bay of Vancouver's English Bay in Instagram in which he wrote: "One of my favorite places to visit, perform and smoke large herbs … We'll be back. «

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