UFC Fight Night 148 results: Live updates with live broadcast for "Thompson vs Pettis" on ESPN + in Nashville


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to "Music City" TONIGHT (Saturday, March 23, 2019) with UFC Fight Night 148 at ESPN +, which will be held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. At the top of the card is the former candidate for the title in the first category, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, who tries to return to the 170-pound head-hunting with trading blows with former champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis. In the main event of UFC Nashville, Curtis Razor Blaydes will try to get rid of his recent losses to Justin's Big Pretty Willis. In addition, Luis Pena – with the love known as "Violent Bob Ross" – returns to the pen against Steven "Ochu" Peterson.

MMAmania.com will give LIFE a rounded, upright coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 148 fight card below, starting with ESPN + "Prelims" undercard the fight at 17h. ET followed ESPN + the initial time of the main card at 8 pm ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the scene for the latest news, summaries and analysis after the battle that followed Thompson against Pettis. Without further delay, see the results of the latest UFC Fight Night 148. (Note: This will be from bottom to bottom, so move towards the bottom of the latest detailed round circle.)


Anthony Pettis – Pettis def. Thompson with KO (punch) at 4:55 second round
Justin Willis – Blaydes def. WIllis with unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)
John Makdessi against Jesus Pinedo – Makdessi def. Pinedo with unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Deiveson Figueiredo vs Jussier Formiga – Forma def. Figueiredo with unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)
Luis Pena – Steven Peterson – Pena def. Peterson with unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
J.J. Aldrich vs. Maycee Barber – Barber def. Aldrich with TKO (Shots) at 3:01 in 2nd round
Bryce Mitchell – Bobby Moffett – Mitchell def. Moffett with unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Frankie Saenz vs Marlon Vera – Vera def. Saenz with TKO (strikes) at 1:25 of the first round
Alexis Davis Vs. Jennifer Maia – Maia def. Davis with a unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
Angela Hill vs Randa Markos – Markos def. Hill with a show (armbar) at 4:24 of the first round
Chris Gutierrez vs Ryan MacDonald – Gutierrez def. MacDonald with unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Jordan Espinosa vs Eric Shelton – Espinosa def. Shelton with unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)


170 lbs: Stephen Thompson vs Anthony Pettis

The first round: Pettis is patiently progressing, Thompson circling in the range. Body strike from Pettis. One minute in. Racing with Pettis. Attempting to hit with a check mark. A side shot of Thompson. Two minutes in. Thompson tries to hit his head and check the blow. Pettis shooting with a bull's body, singing in exchange. Combo Thompson. Pettis tries to hit the wheels and touch the gloves. Drag a few minutes.

Side shot and thrill of Thompson. Pettis's body blow. Low shot. Thompson is trying to get on his foot. Pettis with the leading right. Thompson triggers the apercar and right after him. One minute. Thompson, Pettis, low impact, Thompson's cyclist. Thompson tries 3-2, Pettis tries to turn. Thompson.

Second round: Pettis's body blow. Thompson is looking for high blows. They sell their legs. Thompson's blow, Pettis's body blow. Thompson tries to hit the hook, eats his legs. A side shot from Thompson and carry carcasses again. Thompson with a little checkpoint during the exchange of legs. More legs from both. Thompson shot him. Two minutes in. Pettis's low blows, Thompson with low blows. Two minutes to the end.

Exchange legs. Thompson checking hook. The check mark connects. One minute. Short right hand for hit. More blows. Pettis goes along that peg. He runs his foot and a side shot from Thompson, but Pettis suddenly flies with Superman's shot that Thompson sleeps.

The final result: Pettis def. Thompson with KO (punch)

265 lbs.: Curtis Blaydes vs Justin Willis

The first round: low blows from Blaydes. He's firing Willis to the fence. Knee to body. Blaydes brings him to the side control minute. Let's go back now. Left hand with Blaydes. Willis worked for two minutes. He stood still and climbed back on the lining. Blaydes picks up the blows until Willis tries to make progress. Another removal. Willis returns to the cage again and still enjoys sometimes. Two minutes to the end.

Willis is looking for a kimura, does not seem to be a threat. Blaydes pulls out his hand. A knee on your ass with a minute to go. Willis step on his feet. Blaydes returns it to his knees. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 2: Blaydes descends straight to the right in the initial seconds, then raises Willis to the roof, even though the latter grabs the fence. Blaydes crosses a minute in. He's looking for his back. Willis comes to his knees and comes to the fence. Two minutes in. A knee on your ass from Blaydes. Blaydes just prepared him to carry his weight. Two minutes to the end.

Blaydes takes him to the second run. The corner tells him to stay tough. One minute. This ends the circle. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 3: trading near the fence. Willies tries to hit his head. One minute in. A lot of staring. Blaydes shoots, refuses, lands. Blaydes shoot, deny, shoot again two minutes ago. Nothing happens for the next minute.

Blaydes leaned on him and stepped out with his knee. Easy to take in side control. Willis descends on his knees and takes short strokes. He descends to the fence and stands. 10-9 Blaydes.

The final result: Blaydes def. Willis with a unanimous decision

155 lbs.: John Makdessi Vs. Jesus Pinedo

First round: Both men want to hit early. Neither man has yet to agree. One minute in. Makdessi legs. Pinedo answers in nature. A side shot from Makdessi. Two minutes in. Selling the blows, Makdessi lands clean. Pinedo legs. Makdessi catches a side shot. Foot kick. Two minutes to the end.

Makdessi tries to turn. Foot kick. One minute. Nashville wants more action. The right hand Makdessi connects. 10-9 Makdessi.

Round 2: Makdessi eats the body, catches one and kicks on the legs. More macdessi of legs and a side impact. One minute in. Pineda's body, Makdessi tries a side-impact for a minute. Crowd wants more. Two minutes in. Makdessi tries to hit her head. Still mostly sparing and staring. Makdessi body, Pinedo knee. Two minutes to the end.

We are approaching ten to one fintom. 3-2 from Pineda. Both attempt to block, blocked. Makdessi leg kic. The meter to the right of Makdessi is clean. One minute. Pinedo tries to jump, land on the right. Makdessi catches a blow and lands, then sips his left hand. Pinedo is finally on the offensive, Makdessi heads his head. An attempt to skip the knee. 10-9 Pinedo?

Round 3: Makdessi is still bustling on Pineda's lead. It's just a sparring game. Pinedo has no leg answer. Left hand from Pineda. Two minutes in. Pineo left straight, Makdessi fired several legs trying to turn. 3-2 from Pineda. More bumps with legs. Pinedo right hook. Two minutes to the end.

The counter is a two-part Pinedo, the right cross of Makdessi. Makdessi catches a body blow and avoids bumps by bicycle. Pinedo's body, Makdessi's left hook. Left hand from Pineda for a minute. Pinedo mu maha. Left hand. Makdessi with his left hand counts the blows of the body. They're trading in the center. Makdessi tries to rotate and exchange. 10-9 Makdessi.

The final result: Makdessi def. Pinedo with unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Deiveson Figueiredo and Jussier Formiga

First round: My internet was dirty, so I missed the first minute. Let's start from here.

Figueiredo threatens the aperkat, singing on the right. In two minutes. Figueiredo tries to turn around, singing Formina's fist. A short klinch. Take the right from Formiga with two minutes.

Formiga easily misses her first removal, so she ended up in guard. To switch to side control. Figueiredo descends to his knees and then to his feet. One minute. Formiga kept him on the fence. Figueiredo spins, the hops climb and the elbows go down to the bell. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 2: Figueiredo swings more to start the round. Good elbow at a break in a minute. Formiga is looking for a rotating shot. They are trading with body blows. Figueiredo slips on the way to the kid. Formiga shoots, completes a single foot. At the top of the watch. Short blows from Formiga, elbows from Figueired. Two minutes to the end.

Formiga still section. Figueiredo tries to separate, opens Formigo with an elbow. One minute. Formiga is cooled in half-guarded, bloody, but not mixed. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 3: Figueiredo tries to charge. Straight left the land behind him, but Formiga puts him on a fence. They're different. Nasty counter uppercut and left hand from Figueiredo. One minute in. Formiga avoids the right hand, connects and lands on a fracture. Right hand from Formiga. Figueiredo is trying to sway. In two minutes. Formiga stops in the clinch, avoiding the wiping of the feet. Formiga takes the left and Figueiredo jumps an unguarded guillotine on the guillotine and lands on a half guard. Formiga passes to the assembly with two minutes.

Figueiredo is refilled and then standing, Formiga still attached. They decide for a minute. Figueiredo sticks after him. Formiga avoids real space. Spinning back with Formigo. The leading elbow is connected and the last rear shoot. 10-9 Formiga.

Final result: Formiga def. Figueiredo with unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Luis Pena vs Steven Peterson

First round: Peterson goes on with strikes, seeks removal within 15 seconds. Switch to a single foot, which Pena attempts to resist with a kimura. Foam uses it to sweep to the highest position, only to let Peterson lock the arm. The foam expires and is placed over Peterson. Peterson turns to litter and does nothing. Side control for Pena. Two minutes in. The foam is pulled by the blows on the way up, followed by the knee and the right hand. A terrible elephant from Pena. Two minutes to the end.

Replace your knees. Right hand from Peterson, which avoids withdrawal. Foam pumps its dose when they are separated. Peterson right-down, turns straight to the left and land on his feet. The foam is trying to fly a knee. One minute. Peterson still picked up his main foot, which was cut by the left for a minute. Another 1-2 from the foam. Peterson's left hand. Peterson connects to the fence and shoots a few short strokes. Foam by cutting to the left. 10-9 Foam.

The second round: The foam opens with a blow to the front and takes Peterson when he tries to step in. Peterson stayed with him and drove him to the fence. Peterson jumps on his back, Pena shakes him and agrees in a combination of a minute. Big right hook catches Peterson. Foam pulls him into the fence. Peterson turns and hits another removal. The foam stands still caught in the lock of the body. Two minutes in. Another recording for Peterson, which is almost sweated and jumps on the back. Lose the hooks still attached to the fence. Two minutes to the end.

Peterson grabs the body lock, escapes the target, eats a big elbow. Peterson takes another elbow with slow rotation. Flying knee with Pena and two big left. Body shot. Peterson returned the gun back. One minute. Peppa and body blow. Peterson returns to the queen and Pena grabs the kimura. A combination from Pena for the finish of the round. 10-9 Foam.

Round 3: Peterson returns to the kid, sings his knee and hits the rest. Uppercuts from Pena. Peterson returns to the kid, Pena hits the switch. On the way up for Pena there are more shots. Peterson was weak and withdrew again for another attempt to retire. The foam penetrates deep into the chimera, but loses it and stumbles at the bottom in the watch. He recently moved to the highest position. Two minutes to the end.

Peterson returns his hand and puts Pena out of it. Peterson then turns his foot. Foam answers with shots, returns to him and hits her head on the way up. One minute. Peterson gets his way into an attempt to retreat. Foam moves to the back, and then two times below. Another combo before the bell. 10-9 Foam.

Final result: Pena def. Peterson with a unanimous decision

125 lbs.: J.J. Aldrich vs. Maycee Barber

First round: Aldrich presses early, knees up and avoids combination. Huge left drop Barber! Barber pops up, then falls back to his watch. One minute in. Stroke and 1-2 from Aldrich. Elbow and right hook for Barber in the interior. Hard 1-2 from Barber. From the opponent to Aldrich, a good hit as Barber kicks. Two minutes in. Barber jab, Aldrich 1-2. More hard numbers from Aldrich. Good right hand in the middle. Two minutes to the end.

Barber with a knee and a elbows in a wedge. Body stroke. 2-1 from Aldrich. Solid crossbar. One minute. Barber lands on the left. Aldrich opposes a low kick for the second knockdown. Aldrich opened it. Barber elbow, Aldrich right arm. 10-9 Aldrich.

The second round: Barber tries, fails to ground the bodies. Front impact. Aldrich lands on the left. Barber's right hand hook. Barber landed on his knees and sang at great breaks. One minute in. Stiff Aldrich jab. It is difficult for Barber to enter the meter. Barber with his right to the right. The left hook met Aldrich-jab. Barber left hand and low shot. Elbows from Barber. Left hand and body trials. Left hand on a short clip Aldrich. Barber in attack. Aldrich binds against the fence. Barber turns, then unloads until Aldrich covers and refuses.

The final result: Barber def. Aldrich by TKO (Shots)

145 lbs.: Bryce Mitchell vs Bobby Moffett

First round: Mitchell with early aggression. One minute in. Trying to hit the head, then the left that falls on Moffetta. Moffett enters the recording, completes a single foot, but he can not protect himself. Mitchell is looking for his back. Two minutes in. Moffett finishes at the top, only that Mitchell immediately stuck the triangle. Mitchell passes into his hand. Moffett escapes and returns to the feet with two minutes.

Mitchell is firing towards the fence. They're different. A combination from Moffett, a body from Mitchell. One minute. Against the Uppercut, by Mitchell, as he refused to abolish. Good punching and overtaking in an attempt to remove. Moffett defends the cage. Tested position. 10-9 Mitchell.

Round 2: Moffett reaches an early ending. Mitchell goes to the fence. Moffett is looking for his back, Mitchell strikes the switch and splits. Moffett is weak, Mitchell is left and turns. Two minutes. Jabs from Mitchell. Moffett tries to put him down, he sits on the left. The knee body of Moffett and he pulls Mitchell to the ground. Moffett is at the top in half a guard with two minutes.

Moffett has set up d & # 39; Arce. Looks like he got it, but Mitchell defends him, finally putting him in the highest position. Jump on Moffett's back and get the last cross. Moffett is striving for control. Good fight. 10-9 MOffett.

Round 3: Mitchell landed in an early combination and is looking for a retreat. Rebuffed. Moffett shoots under his right hand, then once again to retire to the half of the guard. Mitchell withdraws for a minute in the armchair. Moffett avoids looking for surveillance on the site. Mitchell climbs and starts trading. Better shots from Mitchell. Avoids removal. Surf him by Moffett and he hit one other device for two minutes. Moffett tried to distance himself from the near. Two minutes to the end.

Mitchell turns into him, and Moffett seems to lock the door again. It's not deep enough. Mitchell is looking for his own translations and hops on Moffett's back. The trap looks deep, but Moffett survives. You're still looking for a goal. 10-9 Mitchell.

The final result: Mitchell def. Moffett with a unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Frankie Saenz vs. Marlon Vera

First round: Vera hit her leg and body early. Saenz's kick for the legs. The soccer and left hook from Vera, Saenz tries too hard in a minute. Saenz is trying to refill and swallow. Saenz is searching for a leg, her legs are not there, and Vera chases her back until she is withdrawn.

Final result: Vera def. Saenz company TKO (impacts)

125 lbs: Alexis Davis vs Jennifer Maia

The first round: they trade in the center. Good hit from Maia. Davis gets a lock and takes her to the fence. One minute in. A knee against the body. Elbow from Davis at a break. Maia gets her knee and pulls it back into the cage. Two minutes. More knees from Davis. Maia suddenly explodes from a cockroach with a nasty combination. Davis pulls the guard. Step back into your pocket when standing, but Maia tears it up. Two minutes to the end.

Davis takes her to the fence, Maia turns. One minute. Maia with double hooks and knees. 10-9 Maia.

Round 2: Davis opens with a combination and returns to trading, landing inside. Davis kick, Maia jab. More exchanges. One minute in. Body stroke and a low shot from Davis, right above. Maia with your own cross. Davis had a physical shock. Maia to the body. Davis catches a body blow for lateral surveillance, then moves immediately on the mountain. Two minutes in. Maia is about to take a second look again. Two minutes to the end.

Elbows for Davis. The right hands too. One minute. More land and pound. 10-9 Davis.

Round 3: Opens a circle of trading in the center. Shots from Maia, body blow from Davis. One minute in. Trading 1-2s, Maia goes down. Good business. Davis's body blows. 1-2 of Maia. Davis with a clean 1-2. 1-2-1-2 Maia two minutes in the game. Davis hit the body. Teep, legs. Trading, Davis lands when Maia falls off the balance sheet. Two minutes to the end.

Davis's kicking, Maia's heavy hit. More impacts; Maia found the counter. Davis with kick and kick. Body stroke. One minute. Leg kick. Big right cross from Maia. Davis's shot with his feet. Maia contra jab and 1-2. Davis takes her to the fence. Earthquake. Close it. 10-9 Davis.

The final result: Maia def. Davis with a unanimous decision

115 lbs. Angela Hill v Randi Markos

First round: Hill tries to hit his head. Trading in the center. Markosa puts it on a fence. One minute in. A knee and a cramped elbow, which Markos met with a left hook. Markos goes after her, returns to the cage, but hits the inner ball in the side control. Two minutes in. We're heading from the ascent to the back, the hard left hand. Two minutes to the end.

Transition with full control back. Markos is looking for RNC, allowing a smooth transition to the arm. Patiently looking to break Hill's grip on your own hand, do it and get a tap.

Final result: Markos def. Hill by submission (armbar)

135 lbs.: Chris Gutierrez and Ryan MacDonald

First round: Gutierrez's low kick to start. Counter to the right, check the low shot from MacDonald and finds the switch. Exchange legs. One minute in. Gutierrez is already damaging his legs. Body kick connects. Another. Right arm against the body. Two minutes in. The loss of the wheel is missed, the leg is connected. Left down, short, knocked leg. Two minutes to the end.

Gutierrez still gathers him at range. One minute. Right arm against the body. Bicycle winner, low ground kick. Body kick and kick legs from MacDonald, his best recordings in a circle. Gutierrez simply misses spinning. 10-9 Gutierrez.

Round 2: This spinning elbow was actually connected; MacDonald's deals with hair clipping. Cracking low kick outs MacDonald up. Gutierrez suffered. The leg strikes for a minute and after it. Gutierrez continues with land shots in his head, leg and body. Hard body. Headache is blocked. Two minutes in. Counter to the left, another shot that has MacDonald folding posture. Gutierrez misses with an ax and lands in a spinning blow. Two minutes to the end.

Lower bumps and right arm. Right arm against the body. MacDonald shoots under his right hand and stretches. He is unsuccessfully trying to pull the guard. Gutierrez restarted his leg. One minute. MacDonald catches a body blow and searches for a single leg. Nothing works. Another kick of the leg triggers a desperate shot. Crushing the body. 10-8 Gutierrez.

Round 3: Another shot with your feet and MacDonald barely walk. Gutierrez speaks to him quietly. One minute in. Another heavy blow to the body. MacDonald agrees in combination. Gutierrez with a rotating stroke and a low kick. Two minutes in. Gutierrez. MacDonald is landing some of his own. Gutierrez shotgun. Two minutes to the end.

A knee and a right hand. A low kick in the opposite leg. Spinning back the pest on the body. MacDonald tries to turn, then shoot. Rejected. One minute. Gutierrez kicked his leg. Straight left the land and he tries to fly scissor removal, just to land on the bottom in the watch. Swing your hand, then jump to the guillotine. 10-9 Gutierrez.

The final result: Gutierrez def. MacDonald with a unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jordan Espinosa vs. Eric Shelton

The first round: Espinosa opens with a bent impact that is blocked. Long-distance shot was rejected, as well as a head-on impact. Right cross, a low impact connection. One minute in. The counter to the right of Shelton. Espinosa low shot. Shelton landed on a two-way desk. Two minutes in. The counter right right this time on the right Espinoza. Espinosa, who went to another counter. Another opposite to the right of Shelton. Espinosa kick your legs. Two minutes to the end.

The Epinosa is spinning again, then the Shelton shoes in the nard. Even low blows from Espinosa as they continue. Espinosa with a good time trial with a minute. Shelton defends himself on the cage and sings on his knee. Jab connects. Foot kick. 10-9 Espinosa.

Round 2: Shelton opposes a low kick that starts to be more aggressive with the right hand. Jab from Espinosa, Shelton with the other right hand to oppose his legs. Espinosa body, Shelton counter right in the minute. Espinosa shoots with the right cross. Picking up Shelton's water. Two minutes in. Shelton does not work enough. Espinosa bumps, Shelton left hook. Shelton landed on the body and leg impact, which he apparently turns up. Nice double right flute Espinosa. Two minutes to the end.

Shelton landed, kills his right hand and strikes. Espinosa tries to turn around and sips for a few strokes. One minute. Espinsa shot, completed, can not hold Shelton. They shop left. Shelton's blitz, he does not connect. 10-9 Espinosa.

Round 3: Shelton tries to enter, eat his head and finger in his eye. Espinosa is drinking his jab. One minute back. Shelton with a right and a clean kick. Shelton catches a body blow, fires right and knee. Cross counter connects. Espinosa tries to hit his head and get another one. Two minutes in. Good leg is Espinosa. Shelton with a succession of the body and leg. Two minutes to the end.

The left hook connects, then the counter to the right when Espinosa hits the body. Espinosa landed on the top, stretching his right hand from the caught body. Superman's hit by Shelton and his leg. One minute. Trading in jabs. Check the hook with Espinoso. 3-2, Shelton prepares for war and trades. They get him to the cage. I smell a shared decision. 10-9 Shelton.

Final result: Espinosa def. Shelton with a unanimous decision


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