Tommy Dreamer on why he decided not to work for Stephanie McMahon


Tommy Dreamer was a recent guest at Why did it end with Robbie E. podcast. The dreamer opened on a number of topics, including the ECW invasion, when the ECW stars saved a group of children from a deadly bus, why he decided not to work with Stephanie McMahon and why he finally left the WWE.

At Inverse ECW:

WWE was talking to me. This weekend I made two performances for Dusty Rhodes, for my Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, and then I flew to Buffalo to rejoin ECW to run. It was on Sunday and this year when I landed in Buffalo, I was told to be on RAW and then I had to fly back to Atlanta and all the time that we were driving, Dusty was like, "Does kayfabing me go to WWE?" I was like, Dude, I do not know anything. JR [Jim Ross] He called me, but I did not hear it. It took a long time. "On Sunday I found out before I went there and said," Nicole, I'm calling you? "It was the secretary and changed my journey … which are:" Do not worry, we'll fly from Buffalo to Atlanta, Atlanta to La Guardia. "I've met before, I agree that he was one of the best RAWs because we were shocked by the world. They never saw it coming. I liked it, and I remember just before I went out, Rob Van Dam was doing you a quick little jumping of things he does and he goes: "Dude, are you nervous?" And I went, "No." He was like "Yes, I did not. "Then I go:" Man, I really want Louie Spicolli alive because he would respond and the first one to call us. "Kane was in the ring:" Go! Go! "We had a regular conversation like this, and we hit the ring, so I did it and then I worked the next night. I did not even have a contract.

About the meaning of his father, who sees him, the deadline:

My second most popular part is that my father lost his vision and had surgery in his eye. He had glaucoma, he operated in the eye and had a 20/20 vision for the first time in his life for three weeks and in those three weeks, that was when I debuted for WWE and saw it without glasses. Later in his left eye he lost his sight and only 10% of vision (or accurate vision) in his right eye. In his eyes, he actually got a strep and completely lost his vision, but for him he saw it – my father was the one who put me in the wrestling and supported me throughout his career, brought me to WrestleMania I – for me was one of my favorite achievements in my career. Wrestling in Madison Square garden with him and my uncle in the audience and after I bought them home, she was one of my favorite things.

On Jim Ross:

I will always acknowledge Jim Ross as the only boss who would never lie to me and say, "Do not worry." In fact, I actually fought without contract for about a month, which is a little stupid in my name because God does not give you any pain or anything, even there was nothing else.

About saving children from the wreckage of a bus:

If you want to hear a cool story that nobody knows, Bill DeMott and Stevie Richards have returned from the gym, and this school bus was weirdly driving, and the school bus went off the road … hit the edges and dropped it with a pile of children … … a school bus goes to a site with an electrical poll that will shut down. Me, Stevie and Bill DeMott jump out, but the matter will not open. The driver had a stroke or a heart attack and with an electric weapon shot – without any failure – Bill DeMott climbed to the end and we began to pull the children out of this bus, as electric wires travel everywhere and we all got a bus. We were like real superheroes in real life … … the children were saved by fire or electric shock.

On Backstage Politics In WWE:

There were very few politicians in the ECW. Political games have reached the moment you came to WWE, and of course you want to succeed and why you want to make money. You want to be a champion? Yeah, but it did not happen. There were some pressures on the table. You should have done 2-3 payouts with Triple H and this was not clear. At one point, I had to mark the first place of the team with Rob Dam Dam, who did not stretch out. It was not in the cards, and you know why? Because wrestling is a fake and you're just as good as someone wants you to be, that's why it's okay. I do not regret anything I did and that is why my career is not over, and this year I will organize 206 events.

On Raven Backstage Heat In WWE:

Have you ever met Raven? The level had a lot of heat. He would have been alone, and he would ask. At one point he was not allowed to speak in the WWE wardrobe for two months. He had to go to the wilderness yard and the only time he was allowed to speak was when he was able to go over his matches and if he was caught in the speech, his strike would double, so he went for a month and maybe two month without speech. Pretty funny. He is bitter for him, but somehow he digs his grave.

On whether he enjoyed the working background:

I think that many people are not aware that I was 29 years old when ECW left the job, and I put my twenties in the ECW and now I'm in the thirties and they say they want me to retired and work in the office. I was not happy with this situation, but my wife was then pregnant with our twins and there was no hand in other places, so either she was employed or you would be unemployed. Cool about this and I learned a lot from my time in the office and I learned the politics. I learned a lot from Vince [McMahon] and I learned a lot from John Laurinaitis, almost how to play the game, although I do not like this, but I did it and actually helped me with my second run in the company. In every story, I have to see two sides because the dumb wrestlers … they always love: "It's the office against me. We are always every one," when this is not always the case, because no one wants to look in the mirror and say, "Maybe I am Do I have to be a champion? I should be a heavyweight champion, "then you are thinking about how to win a heavyweight championship when singing for another company called ECW? Or, how could you be the champion when wearing a short sleeve shirt, and the boss likes the muscles? No one wants to tell these things. People just want to blame other people for lack of pressure. That's why I have done a lot of soul searching and a lot of learning. I also found that WWE wanted me from the first day in the office.

(Conversation: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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