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Thomas Markle issues a letter sent by Meghan

Z Jamie Samhan.

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When friends Meghan Markle spoke in her defense last week that the Duchess wrote to Father Mark Thomas, and asked him to stop the media with stories, he did it once again.

Mr Markle has now given Mail on Sunday copies of the letters sent by the Duke, where she says that her father broke the heart "in a million pieces".

A five-step letter sent in August 2018 shows how the duchess was wounded by his alienated father.

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He writes that "he does not understand why you have decided on this path, to close your eyes to the pain you are causing."

The Duchess brings her father to her half-sister, Samatha Markle, while she "silently suffered from the hand of her great lie."

She said that the hearing about his heart attack "is through a tabloid terrible". The letter reveals that she sent help to her father, but did not accept any help and "stopped responding" to his phone to "speak only to tabloids."

Markle asks his father to "cease to create so much pain" and adds that "if you love me, as you tell the press, please stop."

"I think you will see that the ability to live with a clear conscience is more precious than any payment in the world."

Mr Markle tells paper that he never wanted to publish the letters "out of respect to Meghan," but he thinks that he must now portray himself falsely.

The former director of lighting said that the letter did not try to heal things between them. "I thought it would be an olive branch. Instead, the heart was dashed, "he said.

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Mr Markle also shared some of his responses to the letter stating that "when you sent me all the help, I was in hospital with my 2nd heart attack!"

He then said: "You can hate me if you want to. I can not force you. I made a big mistake, "and added:" I want you to get together and take a picture to see it all over the world. If you do not like Harry? Fake for one photo. "

ET Canada has commented on the Kensington Palace.

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