This NC woman accidentally dispatched a cat to Montreal


Last Friday, Jackie Lake experienced stomach activity that the owner of the pets did not want to do. Her beloved cat, Baloo, was missing.

The lake and her family spent the whole weekend in the neighborhood. In the nearby forests they patrolled, watched under the roof and knocked on dozens of doors. There was no sign of a cat.

"It was a terrible feeling," Lake told CTV Atlantic.

This feeling lasted until Monday, when the lake received an unusual phone call. The woman called from Purolator in Montreal.

"She paused and said," Well, you did not send the cat? "It was remembered the lake.

Then the pieces of puzzles started to descend into their place. Lake has recently packed several boxes filled with rims for car tires. She wrote the boxes and took them through a friend of Purolator in Calgary.

"My first question was: Is he alive? Like, did I kill my cat?" She said.

No, Baloo was alive and good. Purolator employees told her that the truck driver found a cat on the back of the vehicle. Baloo somehow escaped from the box.

The lake says that the cat somehow managed to get into the box, while not looking, probably through a small aperture on top, and retreated into a hole on the rim.

"So it was not on top, it came through the hole rims down to the bottom of the box," she said.

When Baloo was found, the shipping company came to Montreal SPCA, who took over the cat.

"We all were very relieved that Balloo was fine that Montreal had spent the trip," said SPCA spokeswoman Anita Kapuscinska.

Baloo, who is perfectly healthy, is now on his way home thanks to Freedom Drivers, a volunteer-driven organization that drives pets who need to travel.

The lake said it was relieved that the cat would be returned in time for a vacation. But she does not expect her to hear the end soon.

"I will never live," she said.


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