Mr Kelly was allegedly under investigation in Georgia following a public interest wave that caused him Survived by R. Kelly. The documentary series should lead to the legal authorities launching criminal proceedings on the basis of testimony of alleged victims and testimonies of a sexually transmitted offender, as shown in Lifetime production. Although the possibility of judging him could have been made easier by some, alleged victims were concerned that they could leave the country in order to avoid the possibility of litigation.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The sources say that there is a reason for concern because they circulate rumors about the plans of R. Kelly to capture some of his girls who are said to be against their will and are bound to a cult similar to the control of the mind and leave the country before they prosecutors have the opportunity to charge against him. Sources close to the victims believe that Africa can be one of the possible destinations.

Families of these girls are afraid to lose all contact with their girls, if that happens. They hope that they will make it impossible for R. Kelly to travel if the statutory authorities stop their passport while the court procedure is progressing.