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They smashed windows, tickets issued as a parking part, hinder firefighters


Broken windows, a thick water hole and a ticket were welcomed by the Subaru driver on Monday evening after they were unlawfully parked in front of a hydrant on Green Street in the southern end of Halifax.

The firefighters had to break the windows of the car in order to have access to the hydrant, and then retract the hose in the back seats after a fire broke out in the fire center, said Assistant Firefighter Chuck Bezanson.

"Some broken windows are a small price for life, the safety of firefighters in the building," he said.

The fire started in the basement of the U-haul office after 17:00, after all the workers went home for the day.

When the firefighters arrived, they needed access to the hydrant for Subaru, said Bezanson. The fire teams first attempted to run a hose under the vehicle, but this failed.

"The only other option was to go through the car," Bezanson said. "If I went over the car, I would completely ruin the exterior, only the weight of the pipe would crush everything."

The tube was in the car for about four hours. (Vaughn Love)

The fire was hard to beat, because the basement was so full that the firefighters had difficulty maneuvering.

They also had to fight with intense summer heat, which meant that firefighters could only work 30 or 40 minutes before they should be relieved. The fire went out after about four hours.

But even after the fire had disappeared, the image of a car with a tube in it triggered a wave of jobs in social media. Some in favor of quick thinking of firefighters.

While other contributions have been supported by the driver.

The police ended when she gave a parking ticket to the driver of Subaru, although a municipal parking sign near the hydrant said that parking was in there.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, parking within five meters of the fire hydrant is illegal.

"Provincial legislation will replace that municipal secondary legislation, so parking before the fire hydrant is still illegal," says Const. Amy Edwards with the Halifax Regional Police.

"It's about public security. You know, we have these rules and laws that firefighters can get there and access the water they need to quickly fire. If they need to take extra time to work around vehicles or find owners who hinder supplies with water, can endanger life, "she said.

"We definitely need our hydrants"

The driver will not face additional fines because the vehicle has been on the go.

"I think a bigger amount will come from the fact that windows in the vehicle is contrary to the actual ticket," said Edwards.

A driver may challenge a ticket in court if he considers that this has been rendered unfair.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Bezanson hopes that people will learn from this incident and stop illegal parking.

"When you see a hydrant, your life or someone else depends on this hydrant. Do not park in front of it, we need our hydrants."


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