They do not succeed in firing their heads up, as the attack is pointing to the game


WINNIPEG – "I really do not like this question."

Jets goalkeeper Connor Hellebuyck took over the media for the night when his team lost 4-3. Undoubtedly, he was the second best goalkeeper in the game, and he will not go 0-2 against the bunch of guys with digital recorders in their hands.

But after a defeat of 4 to 3, the winning goal still remained. Ryan O'Reilly was a half-length wrist shot that avoided Hellebuyck away from the old hockey cliche Paul Maurice:

"Yes, he will want it back," said Jets coach.

Previously, in essence, the scribe asked Hellebuyck if they were "one or two" goals that he may have "wanted back." Back to the end – what we like about Hellebuyck – the goalkeeper returned.

"I wish that every goal that I ever let go back," he thought. "It's kind of a loaded question."

Jets are down 0-2 and go to the road in St. Nice.

He was beaten by three clean bracelets – two Oscar Sundqvist – we do not say that Hellebuyck can not drop a puck or two during the game. But the NHL team needs to save on two of those three shots – any two, choose – if they win in April or May.

"I'd rather watch a video before I talk about it," said Hellebuyck. "That's all I'm going to say."


After blowing the lead after 1-0 after 40 minutes in the opening of the series, Jets and Blues were equated on Friday evening with 3: 3 in the most important third season of the Winnipeg season. St Louis again fled from Winnipeg in his own Jets bar, as Jordan Binnington stopped all 15 Jets shots in the third period while Hellebuyck allowed him to avoid one of the nine wolves.

"If your recipe is your goalkeeper, he will have to be the best player in your team," said Maurice, "this will not be a long ending. You have to have a few nights if you help him to help him, either blocking enough shots, or playing tight enough to be possible on Sundays (stop at) two, not four. "

The fact is that Jets Hellebuyck gave a lot of support for the run, which ranged the three hottest goalkeepers in the world of late, young Binnington. Tandem Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler came to work, with a goal and a steam assist, Patrick Laine reached his second set in a signed self-timer.

Then there was game 2, unfortunately, a metaphor for the Jets season, which has been apparently rumbled since October on six of the eight rollers. When the big boys had to appear and offensive, Scheifele, Wheeler and Laine were forced – but then the nakedness went south. Their play five to five has fallen, so St. Louis beat 4-1 with more power.

Jets are 0-2, a deficit in which 87% of NHL teams do not survive, and if you think that all of these numbers look gloomy, the next few numbers will not make you feel better:

• Six: the number of consecutive playoff games that Jets lost at home.
• Five: the number of consecutive home losses this season.
• And nine losses in 11 games, the Jets slide, which are currently driving from season to end of the dive right into this unsuccessful season.

"It's not just about breaks. They play well, "said Adam Lowry from Blues. "They made some great games coming out of the rush for the grid, they argued very hard, it's a tough team against which they play, they do not give you much, and they deserve a lot of credit there."

The Blues, as we wrote down, spent the first three months of the season searching for their game. But they found him and they are sure that the game they can lay out is better than the other guy almost every night.

Jetsi are convinced that their game can win. If only they could find it. Or find all the elements of the same night.

After finishing a trip to the Western Conference, which was held last season, it was supposed to be crowned in 2018-1919 for the most hospitalized NHL building, a franchise that prepared and developed the way to the Stanley Cup Cup a year ago.

Now, that.

Since January 1, 0: 0 against the hottest Western team, each element of the Blues game is much better than in Winnipeg. Especially naked.

We're going to St. Louis. Both crews and even fucking journalists.

"They did not win," said solid Hellebuyck. "Here we have a lot of hearts and we will fight. Every centimeter, every battle.

"Nothing is over. Two-oh is not the end of the world. "

No, it's not the end of the world. But Winnipeg Jets can see it from here, if they really rock.

Here is. On the other side of the big silver arch.


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