The study proposes Millennials Buck Trend Trucks and SUVs


Ford and General Motors are eliminating the limousines in order to focus on more profitable trucks, crossovers and off-road vehicles.

Car manufacturers have justified this by simply responding to consumer demand, as crossovers and SUVs are more popular with consumers. This does not apply to all age groups.

A new QuoteWizard study suggests that thousands have accepted lemons as most of the 22-37-year-olds have been looking for insurance offers for them. According to data from the year 2018, which was examined by the company, most of the millennium drives Honda Accord. They followed Nissan Altima, Honda Civic and Toyota Camry. The only non-sedans that split into the top 10 were the Ford F-150 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Despite the fact that eight out of the top ten cities covered eight, the study suggested that many millennia could run limousines because they can not afford more expensive vehicles. QuoteWizard notes that the average 2018 MSRP of the top 10 vehicles driven by the millennium amounted to $ 23,829 (17,990 £ / 21,022 euros), and they carry an average of $ 36,000 (£ 27,180 / $ 31,759) in debt.

While financial reasons can play an important role, this may not explain everything, as the company has listed studies that show thousands of people are happier in more urban environments and move to more cities in larger numbers. The company proposes that this age group be less inclined to buy large or expensive vehicles, as cities have more transport options than rural and suburban areas.

It is important to note that the company has reviewed only copyright insurance created by users of the site. No matter what they say are the top 10 vehicles driven by the millennia.

1. Honda Accord
2. Nissan Altima
3. Honda Civic
4. Toyota Camry
5. Hyundai Sonata
6. Chevrolet Impala
7. Ford F-150
8. Toyota Corolla
9. Ford Focus
10. Jeep Grand Cherokee


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