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The RollerCoaster Tycoon Ride From Hell takes 12 years

Point Roller Coaster Tycoon is to create a successful theme park. Usually it's about people coming back with fun attractions like rollers, and charging high margins for food and drink. One of the players decided to throw this logic out of the window and devote most of his park to the real dark horrors: a 12-year-old train or 30 million days after the internal timeline of the game.

This is Marcel Vos, the leader of adventure trains, whose channel on YouTube is strange cbased on an open source version Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. His record footage entitled "12 Years of Suffering" was recently shared on Twitter jo EurogamerMatthew Reynolds and certainly even the most sick people will be crushed. The ride is part of Vos's permanent mission to try to create the longest possible bike ride in the game. His previous record was only 232 days. How did he make such a big leap forward?

In Vos video, he explains how he could combine two separate strategies to reach a new record. The first is a small slide that uses the maximum number of cars, 31 divided into 32 individual breaks. Cars can only be moved if there is a clear section in front of them, which leads to constant starts and stops. The second slide takes up the rest of the space on the map and has a single car that runs at a minimum speed.

The catch is that cars on small platforms are loaded with passengers from a large boat and can move forward only for one part when the big boat ends with one ride, which with the upper limit allowed in the game is 20 laps. Similarly, a small gear that turns a lot of gear in, in this case, expect a smaller pillow that ends with the longest time to complete – 12 years and a few hundred days if you calculate everything.

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