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The Galaxy S10 is a talk about the site right now, that is, if your city is hot smartphones. We already know that Samsung is producing at least four different versions of the Galaxy S10, including an affordable flat-screen model and a more expensive 5G version. The various reports also said that these phones would have a bunch of cameras, up to six common lenses for the 5G model. Also, all the Galaxy S10 phones will be playing the exciting Infinity-O display that this week introduced with the help of a middle-class phone. But a brand new, Galaxy S10 Monster leak gives us the details we've been waiting for, including the start date, storage options and pricing structure.

The main retailers have "approached" Gizmodo UK with details of the Galaxy S10. Samsung apparently wants to reveal the handset on February 20, a few days before the MWC 2019, during the Samsung Unpacked event. Samsung usually held its Unpacked event on Sunday before the MWC, which will take place on February 24 this year.

The phone will be available at preorder on this date, which will be traded on March 8, the report warns. At the beginning, there will be three versions, a 5.8-inch flat model, a 6.1-inch regular Galaxy S10 and a 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 +. The 5G phone will only be available "late Q2 as soon as possible," according to the source.

The report also says that the phone will have an Infinity-O display with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into it. Preliminary rumors also mentioned this function, although these reports suggested that the inexpensive 5.8-inch model would have a fingerprint sensor on the side or on the reverse side. Also, they will not have iris scanners on the phones, so there is no news about any updated face-recognition options, the report warns. A few days ago, the report suggested that Samsung might work on its own Face ID.

Gizmodo UK it also says Samsung will launch a new Powershare feature that will allow users to convert the Galaxy S10 into a wireless charger for other devices. If this seems familiar, this is because Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is the first smartphone that has such a feature.

The source also left Samsung's alleged storage group for upcoming phones, as well as the proposed price structure – a spoiler warning, there is a 1TB version in the following:

  • 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 with 128GB: £ 669 (846 $)
  • 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 with 128GB: 799 GBP (1.010 USD)
  • 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 with 512GB: 999 £ (1.264 USD)
  • 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 + with 128 GB: 899 GBP (1137 USD)
  • 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 + with 512GB: £ 1,099 (1,390 €)
  • 6.4 inch Galaxy S10 + with 1TB: 1.399 € (1.770 €)

Think of it, this is the built-in storage that we are talking about. It is likely that all these phones will be able to take microSD cards up to 512 GB, just like their predecessors.


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