The Mayor of Brampton is hitting the Feders because he left a "monstrous child" in his city


The convicted pedophile with a long history of persecuting young girls now lives as a woman in Brampton half way.

And Mayor Patrick Brown – when he met a serial killer in his city, he fired a letter to the federal minister of public security in which he expressed his indignation.

"It is totally unacceptable that Matthew Harks (now Madilyn Harks) has left the Canadian Correctional Service in Brampton," he wrote in a letter to Ralph Goodale on Saturday.

Brampton County Mayor Patrick Browne was seen there on Saturday, February 17, 2018. (Stan Behal / Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network)

Stan Behal /

Stan Behal / Toronto Sun

"It's a pedophile with more convictions, including three convictions for sexual violence against girls under the age of 8, and this monster claimed to be a victim of 60 girls," Brown said. "The fact that Mrs Harks is halfway in the house instead of in prison is a clear example of our judicial system that is corrupted."

For the sake of public safety, Regional Police Peel issued an advisory Friday, explaining that the pedophile now names the Maina and Queen Sts. home.

"Harksey was sentenced to three convictions for sexual violence against young women under the age of eight," the police wrote. "The young victims of the Harks were involved with neighbors and colleagues in the church community."

Minister for Public Security and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale is waiting to appear before the Public Security and National Security Committee in Ottawa on Monday, February 25, 2019.

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Police said it was "at increased risk of re-offending" and will therefore cooperate with correctional services "in order to monitor Harks activities in the community."

Since she knew of the danger of repeating the sentence, Brown asked in his letter Goodale: "Why was she released?"

"We demand answers from you," he wrote.

Harks allegedly claimed in the past that he abused 60 girls in B.C. and collected the trophies of their victims.

Harks served three years in prison for sexual violence over a seven-year-old girl and was released halfway in Calgary in April 2010.

But a week later, Harks was captured by pornography and the release was interrupted.

36-year-old Madilyn Rebecca Harks, who is seen here while still living as Matthew Ralf Harks, lives on Brampton on half-way from Friday, March 22, 2019.

Matthew Ralf Harks changed lawfully between 2010 and 2012 in Madelyn Rebecca Harks.

Police in Calgary published public advice when Harks was again in summer 2014 when he warned of a "high risk" in order to re-commit an offense.

Exactly what Harks has done since then, until his last edition of this week is not clear.

Police say Harks "is subject to a long-term supervisory order with a number of conditions prohibited from visiting public bathing areas, day bars, school playgrounds, playgrounds or social centers.

Nor shall she be allowed to be in the presence of children under the age of 14, "except in the presence of a responsible adult approved by her conditional release supervisor."

The police advise the public to be "careful if they meet Harks."

"Members of the public should be noted that while Madilyn Harks poses a security risk to the public, a Canadian citizen and her rights are guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms," the police said and warned that they were protecting her rights if they were violated.

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