The ice breaks down the family ceiling near Toronto airport

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Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 19:48 EST

The family in Ontario woke up at the sound of something that crashed through the ceiling of their home on Wednesday. It turned out that ice, perhaps from the airplane.

Michael Caccavo of Mississauga told CTV Toronto that he woke up around 6:30 this morning. "The house shook a little," he said.

When Caccavo went to his parents' bedroom to investigate, he saw a large hole in the ceiling in the cabinet area, along with wrecks and broken ice on the ground.

Caccavo said that the ice – about five pounds – landed a few meters away from the place where his mother slept.

"There, my mother and father prepare there," he said. "They dress here. It's terrible.

Caccavo said he believed that ice had fallen from a plane that landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport, about 25 kilometers away.

Air data shows that Air Canada Rouge from Las Vegas would fly through his home around this time.

Air Canada told CTV Toronto they did not know about the incident. Nav Canada, a non-profit agency in charge of air traffic control, said it would contact the owner.

The ice can be formed on aircraft at high altitudes and fell in pieces as aircraft fly to warmer air, according to Heathrow Airport, which says that such incidents are "rare".

Caccavo said he believed that the damage would cost about $ 20,000 for repair. He said that he called the airport and was not satisfied with their response.

My mom is shaken. She's a little worried. He's a little scared, "he said. "But we are glad that everyone is fine."


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