The first Simpson script Megan Amram brings cultural wars to Springfield


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"Remember this if there was a gender war at all!"

If a 30-year, record-breaking cultural seal needs rescue, writers will solve it. Partially because all other parts are in place The Simpsons. There is a generational working text that should describe how the central voice actors of the series have developed and improved the three-decade journey of evolving but necessarily static characteristics. Of course, Harry Shearer's chapter will inevitably contain phrases such as "under compulsion," but this can not conceal the fact that this is a unique music. As regards the construction of world television, The Simpsons"Springfield is inherently rewarded with petri dish of comic ideas, its ill-fated approximation of our much more earthly (but no less funny) world, magnificently built and reinforced proposals for comic creativity.


And if The Simpsons is not the fundamental force in American comedy when it was (insert your demarcation point here), these parts are still bright and able to survive. They just wait for the right writers to pick them up and collect them correctly. All this is an introduction to the fact that "Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "is the first imputed script by Megan Amram.

One of the most reliable original and funny sitcom's minds that are working today was Amram's advisory producer & # 39; at the exhibition from 2018, covering about 10 episodes, by IMDb. And while these quotes are aimed at the question of what kind of influence Amram had before, her work on the series is similar Parks and recreation, Kroll Show, Children's Hospital, Good end, and her cheeky, self-contained series Emmy for Megan (I'm not mentioning her fairly familiar Twitter presence) made a clear contribution to my rise in expectations. And this is a long lasting presentation.

"Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "is The SimpsonsContinuous polemics about gender equality in the genre party. And if this description, given the response of the show to some of the other recent Hollywood debates and debriefing talks, has begun to shake our eyes, we understand. With such a response to the criticism of his own place in the pantheon of questionable displays and relations in comedy that evokes everything from the self-confident "Why are we in the 30th year?" A defending to complete mockery to those who suggest that perhaps the long-standing guardians The Simpsons"The legacy could have some blind spots in relation to the underrepresented voices, some eyes, deep sighs and the expectation of prejudice.

So Amram's script name for "Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "is exciting. But write for Leslie Knope, Eleanor Shellstrop, but aloneAmram does not play safely, or generally agrees with simple applause. To have one of the best writers in the industry with this kind of footage for the second most fairly celebrated female television in Lisa Simpson, you just do not have to miss the TV. Which means that unpacking for "Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "is not a particularly brilliant or revelatory episode The Simpsons is an exercise in digging up things that have changed, and wondering why other elements simply did not work well. (And here I am at the point of Bart's story, which destroyed his good-willed allyship at the end of the episode with a negligent, self-taught lecture on the "comedy thing," which I therefore acknowledge and apologize).

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The story starts with another Springfield Comic-Con, where the family expects on the Krusty record, where the American most visited entertainer spits out boredom, which sounds like TSimpsonsOwn answer to questions about the next one Simpsons film. ("We are waiting for a story to be told," Krusty mocks with a dead eye, continues, "so that we can copy it and call it a parody.") The only thing that attracts Krusty is his announcement to re-emerge the honorable shade for drawing blood "Itchy & Scratchy". "Oh, my God," was marked by Lisa and Bart, and their diametrically opposite levels of enthusiasm represented a cultural shit to descend to Springfield.

Bart quickly puts the guys in gaggles to "hate and not watch" new, all women I & S, while Lisa is happy to live on, she sees this cultural significance, so she can show how strong a female mouse is to tear off the head of a female cat and use it as a percussion when delivering "cups". when he inadvertently noticed the replacement of the sexual juice, which caused some confident sisterly revenge when Bart heard how to boast with his handlers about how he would never watch this bumping of his comedic idols and come back with him online. (Adopted by a Item.0 clone, rub the added salt in Bart's wounded ego.)

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The way in which the fandom raised a subculture of ridiculed little manoeins, which welcomes every perceived entry of a woman into a genre club with a flood of online harassment, misogyny and irreparable media manipulation, is not news, except for fine. The site of pop culture has to sigh deeply, and at the same time conscientiously report on and try to analyze the latest attempts to make online critical reviews and (helpless) damage the cashier. Amram is just the person who does it, which is why the result is some disappointment.

I think my main complaint is "Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "is that her pleasures appear more than immediately. What is another way to say that I did not laugh almost as much as I thought. Quite subversive touches are available. The fact that Krusty's renovation is obviously nothing but a quick-leaning market venture that suggests the often lost commercial motivations of large corporate entities who want to earn what they find to date have been unused segments of the theater population, Lucratively proclaimed their concentration. -ness. Kristy lists the great support he has seen from "lawyers, lawyers, everyone!" For her new plan, and is impressed with her girlfriend's enthusiasm, the silent part is typically loud. ("See? I like girls!")

Photo: The Simpsons / TCFFC

And the way in which the pop cultural battle is happening almost entirely between Springfield's children (Homer is only enjoying Bart's public humiliation for a long time) is a stub on how basic issues (feminism, cultural representation and gender) are biased) are performed much more broadly and superficially in the realm of superheroes and suicidal mice than they are discussed about their essential merit. (Lisa regrets the fact that every fucking debate about women in the party finally changes into an argument Star Wars.)

But Lisa is not innocent in her own cultural war, something that the script plays faithfully. Lisa is very quick to buy Kristy's slapdash-feminism (the new Itchy and Scratchy are just itching and Scratchy with hair and clothes, a themed song of performance that Krusty quickly reversed), just as she quickly leans onto her big brother. her triumph. Bart is underestimated by him that he was "trolled, GIF-ed, mem and I'm hoping to be turned" on his way to school after his online humiliation and actually floats on his new belief about the progress shown by the new, a cynical new cynical new color.

Milhouse is also a means for some covert intelligent analysis of the entire perilous phantom phenomenon, such as, for example, the appointment of such people as "sad mangoes". For the continuously disgusted Milhouse, Nelson's accusation that Bart "betrayed his wang" by laughing at the New Srbeče and Scratchy gives him an inborn inclined instinct to grab the hole to become more aggressive. Milhnov's internal monologue, who was praised for calling Bart, is a sad, non-harmful part of masculine opportunism, egoism and fear, with careful self-realization that the following words from his mouth will find out whether he will join the alpha package for the good , which appears as a command for everyone simply: "Get it!" For Milanche's remote, lonely and disregarding Milch, to see the unconfirmed possibility of the true power of his peers, this is terribly obscure, just like his own knowledge, the only solution is to wrap himself up in an outraged indignation and direct your fingers. The absurd joke created by his own young auxiliary youth (unhappy BRA) comes with an uncomfortable echo where he can lead such a frightfully disappointed white male victim when he sees that the world is trying to "erase" it.

Photo: The Simpsons / TCFFC

So far, so promising. And if Bart's family with a group of girls of six grades (expressed by Nicole Byer, Chelsea Peretti and Awkwafina) deepens into the theme of the episode with similar brains, it is also largely ridiculed. After Bart escapes from a gang led by Milhouse, Bart sees that strong girls (swimming masks called Bossy Riot) are already deeply in their own Bart-esque rape of a small vandalism, although they provide the infamous El Barto that their plans are to paint Skinner's office pink (in response to his sandal ban), all for the better. This is a choice that disappears Srbeče and Scratchy although Lisa responded to her discovery that Bart joined their (and her) feminist cause, he allows Amram to show Lisine his own blind spots with subtle sharpness. Being angry that Bart helped Bossy Riot for the wrong reasons ("It's about the deets!", Rages foolishly "awakened" Bart), Lisa forced her to confront some of her complacency in a real fight.

And if the horrible criminal Bossy Riot ("Eva was framed," the inscription comes first in Springfield), this is portrayed as a half-formed outbreak of a very real offense caused by the cultural awakening of the girls, "Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy "grants final approval in a quiet exciting finale. Lisa, despite the fact that she rejected Bossy Riot's stunning conspiracy to destroy the (unmanaged) Itchy & Scratchy teaching strip, decides to bring Bart's knitted hat and run with big girls for her own fluctuation, but a fair cruise. (Lisa is really a blurry inner doubt about "pushing my beliefs even more than ever before" before I jumped on her bike, it's just a moment of Lisa-Amram, which I was hoping for.) And Bart, discovered by this new open friendship , he discovered that he was "only kept for fingerprints and DNA", and the pink color for spraying and scar "Patriarhata is an umbrella" on the nearby wall. As Lisa correctly assumed, Bart acted merely as a "mercenary in the war of someone else", but the episode finds a beautiful, full-bodied and sweet subversive way to show that Bart and Lisa have learned something important, even in the unimportant pop culture moves. .

Zablodela observations

  • Because everything's fine Star WarsHomer estimates Bobe Fett's ensemble for a cap and jetpack, which he finds "Choose a belt, a freak."
  • Bossy Riot rescuers open the door of the room strip with a copy of Naomi Wolf's Myth of Beauty.
  • Bart welcomes his new allies as "Merciful Bader Ginsburgs".
  • Bart, to capture the Bossy Riot mission: "Paste it to a man, but this time it's a man!"
  • Hello, SimpsonsYou leave Great British stove alone. I warn you.
  • In the label, Bart is the greatest secret he has made on the other side: "We do not envy."


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