The family sues Tesla for too fast a car when his son dies in a collision in the model S.


The family sued Teslo for the death of their 18-year-old son, accusing the S model, in which he traveled to go too fast and broke into flames after a high speed race, according to Miami Herald.

Edgar Monserratt Martinez drove on the passenger's seat of the Tesla Model S, led by his friend Barrett Riley, also 18 when Riley lost control at 186 km / h (116 mph), fell and killed both young men on May 8 2018.

Martinez's parents are suing Tesla, claiming that the vehicle should not be driven at such a high speed and that the car would not burn as fast as it did after the collision.

Obviously, Tesla would have a 135 km / h limiter; The governor was installed by Tesla Mechanics at the request of Riley's parents, after Riley was hijacked at a speed of 80 km / h at 180 km / h.

However, the limiter was allegedly removed without the consent of the Riley family during regular servicing, soon after installation.

The crushing occurred at the Seabreeze Boulevard, which has a speed limit of 50 km / h and a curve of 40 km / h. According to the accident report, the S model traveled at a speed of 186 km / h three seconds before the collision.

"Our thoughts are still with the families affected by this tragedy," said Tesla. "Unfortunately, no car would be able to stop such a rapid accident."

The lawsuit also condemns Tesla for not installing insulators between each battery to prevent the spread of fire through batteries.


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