In the last two weeks, Nicki Minaj has encountered a lot of problems after discovering who her new boo is. Internet blinds quickly showed that Kenny Petty was a registered sex offender and was previously convicted of killing a man. While Nicki turned back the criticism, The Blast got a detailed description of the victim of the event and is really terrifying.

Court documents reveal the victim's account in the case of Kenneth Petty's rape since 1994. The 16-year-old victim explained to police that she was allegedly abducted before she was raped. The victim told the police that Petty came from behind in Queens, NY, before she "placed a rigid circle" back and "made a call sound." The victim, convinced that he was a gun, took his instructions when he told her to "walk on".

She claimed to have taken her to the place down the street and forced her into the bedroom with the floor, which the gun was still pointing to on the back. He claims that "he laid his weight on top of … circumcised her pages and squeezed her neck, making her bruises" before "forceing her penis" into her vagina.

The victim claimed that she tried to leave the scene, but Petty pulled out the knife, placed it against the stomach and told her that she "can not leave." She said she finally fled after hitting Petty with a plastic bottle.

The police claimed that he questioned his arrest when they went to their home and asked "what arrested me" and claimed that he did not do anything. "He later admitted that he had slept with a girl before.

Petty was convicted of attempting rape in the first instance after the termination of the agreement on the reasons. He served four years in the bar and is currently registered as a perpetrator of sexual abuse.