The clay Geminid meteor shower fireball is caught at the dashcam cop


a fiery ball

An Indian law enforcement official should be able to choose that fiery ball from the line.

Video screenshot / red circle by Amanda Kooser / CNET

Annually Meteor Shower Geminid this month points to shooting star stars, and a police officer in Indiana has quite a bit of an extraordinary event this week.

Chris Cramer with the Howard County Sheriff's county district was in patrol when his dashcam collected a hot green fiery ball on Wednesday night. Then it disappears into the darkness. On Thursday, the department shared photos on Facebook.

"Cpl. Cramer has learned what the meteor appears to have entered our atmosphere on its camera close to 600 E. on SR22," wrote the sheriff's department.

Cramer's vision seems to fit with the reports of the American Meteor Society on the Fireball, which India, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania spotted the same evening. One observer saw sparks coming from a fireball. The other said he seemed to be on the highway.

Not everyone will be so happy to see a huge fireball of the Geminids, but they should have many opportunities to see a falling star, as the meteor shower continues to show for the enjoyment of the Earth.

Here you can see the meteor shower, both personally and online.


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