The brewers sign Yasmani Grandal


10:16: Tim Brown reports that in 2019 Grandal will provide $ 18.25MM (Twitter link).

10:06: Brewers agree to a contract with the catch of a free agent Yasmani Grandal, reports Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (via Twitter). However, this is a one-year contract for Grandal, which is compared to the four-year contract previously offered by Mets at the beginning of this period. Rosenthal adds that the transaction is still not completed.

Yasmani Grandal

Obviously, the decision to reject the four-year offer from New York is particularly regrettable, though, as Jon Heyman, Fancred, said. tweeted yesterday that the Mets offer was actually slightly lower than the originally reported value of $ 60 million. The exact size of the proposed guarantee is not known, but Bob Nightengale from USA Today tweets exceeded $ 50 million and Rosenthal tweets that Metsa's offer could reach $ 60 million in total, indicating that there were some incentives or clauses on the stairs.

Of course it is still possible that Grandal comes in front of him in the 2019-22 season. A strong performance with Brewers could bring him a profitable multi-annual contract in the free agency next year – when he does not have a qualification offer that will be linked to his name. A three-way bid ranging between $ 13 and $ 14 million in the next winter's winter season would actually reimburse the Grandal Camp's refund, and it's hardly unthinkable that it could deliver enough capacity to land another four-year bid a year and actually earn more.

For Milwaukee, the acquisition of the upgrade of Grandal caliber to the one-year pact was probably something that was never conceived as an option when the offseason began. As the recipient of the revenue sharing, the brewers will lose their third highest choice in the draft next year as a penalty for signing Grandal. This is a fairly small price for the winning club, which has successfully upgraded one of its most obvious deficiencies, especially given the fact that they have already traded with their competitive choice (No. 39) in order to win. Alex Claudio in the Rangers trade. Due to this agreement, Milwaukee's third highest choice is their third-round selection – currently 104th in the draft.

Hunters on Milwaukee's combinations published a modest .237 / .294 / .363 line of shots with 16 home runs in 637 appearances on the record. Grandal has recently hit the .241 / .349 / .466 full-time Dodgers, which means that Brew Crew should make a substantial increase in its share in both primary and total power. Salvador Perez he was the only baseball hunter with several domestic matches as Grandal's 24 big flies in the last season, and no culler (min. 300 PA) surpassed Grandal's .225 ISO (a drop percentage minus the average impact). In other words, brewers are quite likely to get the most powerful game hunter.

On the defensive side of the coin, most of the enthusiastic observers will certainly remember Grandala's catastrophic postseason, in which Grandal handed over three old balls before eventually resigning the playing time to support Austin Barnes for the second consecutive October. But Grandal has avoided stolen bases in the average league or better level in each of the last four seasons and there is no baseball catcher that consistently ranks as strongly as Grandal in terms of framing. The questions they have done in the postseason are not exactly the hick for Grandala, who has run the National League in the permitted circles three times, but his proper throwing and elite design nevertheless led to a consistent assessment on the baseball prospectus. Category Above average. Grandal is also forever in the league leaders in the Defensive Runs Saved on the catcher, with collective +45 DRS in the last four seasons.

For the brewery, it will serve as an unequivocal upgrade compared to pre-planned mergers Manny Pina in Erik Kratz and deepen the rankings, which has already ranked sixth in the National League in percent and on the other in domestic matches. Brewers do not intend to lose key members of the group, except for the acquisition of the middle season Mike Moustakas, so they will essentially add Grandal to the same scale, which proved to be one of the best NLs in 2018.

From the point of view of payroll, Grandal will announce the brewing projection day at $ 123.5 million, as Jason Martinez describes in Roster Resource. This label would break the previous franchise record of Brewers, as the organization had only twice as much $ 100MM + payroll in its entire history – in 2014-15, when payment deadlines were reported at $ 103.5 million and 104.3 million on open days USD. Of course, brewers have more funds available when they have just completed a deep run. This appearance of NLCS also makes Mark Attanasio aggressive, as his team is now firmly past his recovery phase and is a highly anticipated candidate for the playoffs.

The Dodgers will in the meantime obtain a compensatory draft after the competition round B. At present, this round takes place through the 78th overall selection, although further machinations with the free agent could slightly alter the precise setting of the choices. Nevertheless, the Dodgers will add a pick in the late 70s or very early 80s to compensate for the loss of Grandal.

It is at least a little interesting that the Dodgers would not make any effort to return Grandala to a one-year deal, but now he knows that this is an option that he is willing to take into account. Perhaps Grandal simply was not interested in returning to LA, or maybe the dodgers bounced over Grandal in his current questions. However, the hunt for a position is still an obvious need in Los Angeles, where Barnes is currently positioned as a beginner, but there is not one of the best options for the organization, Keibert Ruiz in Will Smith, they are ready to see the MLB level. The Dodgers have countless other options available to them, both in the store and on the market of free agents, but they were prepared to risk Grandal accepting a salary of $ 17.9 million a few months ago.


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