The bar is given a Canadian postal stamp, and critics are asking about the ratio between the basic charge


Canada Post Sweet Series Seal Canada featuring Nanaimo Bar Stamp

A new set of postage stamps of Canada with five famous desserts all over the country include Nanaimo Bar, Saskatoon Strawberry Pie, Butter Cakes, Tarte au Sucre (Sugar Pie) and Blueberry Grunt. Available on April 17, 2019, they were created by Roy White and Liz Wurzinger from Subplot Design Inc., illustrated by Mary Ellen Johnsonn.

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The Nanaimo Bar, which is probably the most well-known contribution to the pantheon of sweet dishes, has received a Canadian Post approval mark.

Crown intends to issue Western West Coast stamps and four other Canadian desserts next week.

"The rich and chocolate Nanaimo bars were associated with their namesake Vancouver Island city since the recipe without bakery appeared for the first time in the 1950s," posted Canada Post on its website before the April 17 issue of the issue.

But is that really true at all? Pictures of an extremely irritating stamp were released on Thursday, while taking into account all three layers of classic dessert – a fragile base, a cream filler and a chocolate ganache frozen – many were quick to point out it relationship It is everything wrong.

We are applying the Marine bar.

"It's great, although the charge of Nanaim's bars in relation to the crust is turned off," tweetal Scottish reporter Tom Ryan, one of several Canadians, said.

Toronto illustrator Tyler Clark Burke agreed. "Does the middle layer appear too thick and the bottom layer is too thin? The upper layer is somehow weak, "she said.

David Reevely, news editor at the Canadian Press Office in Ottawa, even suggested that the stuffing looked more like peanut butter than a cream – an anathema for purinists at the Nanaimo Bar.

Local politicians also tried. "It's certainly not at least Nanaimo," said MLA and B.C. General Attorney Mike Farnworth, while Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA and B.C. Housing Minister Selina Robinson speculative that he created an image "an artist who never ate".

In order to reach the bottom of this delicious controversy, Postmedia came to resident Nanaima Joyce Hardcastle, the winner of the 1986 competition to find the ultimate recipe for Nanaimo Bar. If anyone is the author of the famous trammel that recently expanded into the New York Times, Hardcastle, whose recipe is published on the official website of Nanaimo.

In order to evaluate the stamp, Hardcastle paused, then agreed with the online commentary: Nanaimo bar Canada Post is almost unfounded, but there is no criticism.

"The only comment I can give is that I disagree," Hardcastle said before explaining the proper relationship. "The two lower layers are pretty much the same. The top layer is slightly thinner. And it looks better than that. "

As evidence, Hardcastle provided a postmedia picture of the fresh Nanaimo bars that cooled down in its freezer, at the top of a tea towel, which was sold in local stores, where it is also its famous recipe.

We make Joyce Hardcastle bars with the correct charge to the basic ratio.

Handout /

Julie and Joyce Hardcastle

This is what the traditional Nanaimo bar looks like. The extradition of Canada Post, however, is more similar to the Krafta Canada recipe for the multilayer refers to a bar cake that has the same tough relationship. He asks whether the image is entirely based on the wrong dessert.

The Ottawa baker Adam Cenaiko offered his expert opinion, further criticize the trademark. "There is no yellow color in the fill, which is found only from the powder from egg pulp, and yes, that's too much!" He said. "The bottom layer is also suspicious. No chocolate or walnuts?

The whole thing may seem like a small problem, but the Canadians are passionate about their cultural experiences. The Nanaimo Bar is just one example.

"This is similar to the deep passions people show in the debate about raisins or non-roses in Ontario for butter cakes," said Dr. Lenore Newman, President of Canada for Research at the University of Fraser Valley, wrote a book on Canadian Food Culture and Cuisine. "However, since Nanaimo bar is built from a non-baked recipe for cakes, the cake should be really thicker. The one who is on the stamp does not look even structural sound! "

However, most Nanaima residents are impressed by the fact that their culinary clothing is reminiscent of a trademark, although this is far too desirable.

We are treating Mayor Leonard Krog with the news when he said Thursday.

"I can not be more proud than that dessert is recognized as one of many contributions We are committed to the world," he said.

It is desirable that the late increase in popularity in the bar led to unparalleled taste.

"He's a good person because he's really good," he said, and warned that the Nanaimo bars were on the menu when they were then the US. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hosted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau for the state dinner in 2016. t

"It's a signed dessert for this country, up there with famous butter and other desserts," Krog said. "I always tell everyone whenever I am at the event, if there is at least Nanaimo," be patriotic. Eat some Nanaimo Bar. «

The site of Nanaimo describes the history of the bar as "sneaky" and "wrapped in a mystery."

"Of course we know that Nanaimo bars come from Nanaima, or they would be called the New York bars or New Brunswick bars," says the site.

– With files from Lindsay Kines, Victoria Colonist


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