Tesla intends to use Chromium in his cars, mixed before it's done


Tesla is the latest company to adopt Chromium engine for the web browser in cars. The company is striving to implement Chromium and the news has been confirmed by Elon Musk.

Musk responded to the owner of Tesla, who complained about the consistency of the web browser on Twitter. He said the company was working on the upgrade.

Unfortunately for Teslo, the system has already been hacked. Yesterday, we reported that hackers on Pwn2Own 2019 have been decommissioned on several systems. Systems included a new browser experience based on Tesla. Fluoroacetate guided the infotainment system (Chromium) on the Tesla 3 model using a JIT error in the renderer and got $ 35,000 and model 3.

While the hack is certainly a bad news for the Tesla, it's good that exploitation was open before public deployment. This gives Tesla the opportunity to correct the error before the introduction and make sure that hackers will not exploit it in the future.


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