Taxis from Gatineau will announce the proposed reforms on Monday


Taxi drivers in Gatineau, Que., Are taking part in a one-day postponement on Monday to protest against massive reforms in the cab industry in Quebec.

If adopted, Law no. 17, submitted by the Minister of Transport in Quebec François Bonnardel on Wednesday, deregulated most of the industry.

Toll allowances would be removed, territorial restrictions would be removed, and all entities would be subject to uniform requirements in areas such as training and checking the past.

The scenario currently under consideration in Gatineau is a strike from 7am to 7pm with disability passenger services that have health checks.

From Sunday afternoon, four of the five largest taxi owners Gatineau – Aylmer Taxi, Bob Taxi, Crown / Régal and Taxi Loyal – told Radio-Canada they intend to participate.

There are about 180 vehicles operating in five city taxis.

Such drivers would retain some exclusivity in line with the changes, including that they would be the only drivers who could pick up people affected by the street or get in touch with them through the dispatcher.

The province also announced that it will use another $ 250 million to cover taxi drivers whose value has fallen since Uber's arrival, which increased the overall compensation package to $ 500 million.


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