Suspect suspects kidnapping dog during arrest for alleged intrusion into Vancouver's home


Police in Vancouver state that the suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment after a police dog was injured during the arrest.

The police said in a statement that men, 24-year-old Steven Henry, were spotted by police officers in a crash that broke into a house near Western Avenue on August 16 and Ontario, at around 2 o'clock.

The police received a call on a man who was suspicious, and the police began to look at the hall. They followed him in the house where two people slept, and he allegedly saw him break in and take away several items that they described as "irreplaceable memories".

Police officers confronted the hall when he left the house, says the police, but did not surrender and tried to get back in. The police say that a dog has appeared on the scene, which led to the bite of a dog.

Hall was taken to prison and accused, the police said after hospital treatment.

They say that Hall is facing a number of allegations of property offenses.


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