Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Martin Martin's 100-year-old loan as Mario


Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario for almost 25 years, got more than just a certificate from the Guinness World Records – they put together a category to be able to worship him. His voice in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially the 100th place he made in a video game like Nintendo's frontman and that, this is a real record.

Nolan North, for comparison, should star in 95 more Uncharteds than Nathan Drake or 95 other Assassin's Creeds as Desmond Miles in order to beat Martinet for this mark (in six games he was like everyone else). We do not believe this is going to happen soon. So, I have Martinet as a recorder (officially, that is, "Most of the voice plays of video games as the same character") and the record's immutability.

It's more important that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Marketplace even 100 times Martinet appeared in the video game as a voice Mario, according to Guinness. I have read other sources and databases – no official, that is to say – to see if I can count them all. I came from 98 to IMDB (again: unreliable as a quote, but a good rule), then 90 on Wikipedia (the same warning).

Most agree that Martinet's first marionette role was after the date of 1995 Mario's Game Gallery, an anthology of common cards and games for the PC. Fans could more closely integrate their first correct role than in 1996 Super Mario 64. Regarding any lack or inconsistency, it might be considered that some of the roles such as Baby Mario (for example, four in the Yoshi's Island series) were considered? Who knows.

But Guinness is a quoting source and says Martinet has done the work 100 times, so that's enough for me. I congratulate Mr Martin, who is not just Mario's voice, he was also Matlock – another thing Nolan North did not do.


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