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On Sunday morning, starting at 2 o'clock, hours in most Canada will be canceled for one hour, as summer time will be completed by the end of this year.

Summer time starting in March is a relatively new invention: North Ontario port Arthur was the first Canadian city to change its class in 1908 twice a year.

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The concept was originally proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, but they thought he was joked. The idea came up again in the 1890s and began to pick up the steam.

Germany was the first country to start summer time since 1916. The change was spent on reducing carbon costs. Summer time until 1966 was not widely realized in North America when it was unified through the Uniform Time Act in the United States.

What to do:

The lessons begin an hour later at 2 o'clock on Sunday, Sunday and Sunday morning. Make sure you change your lessons – and especially the alarms.

Places with no daylight savings time:

Of course, do not change your hours if you are in Canada in one of the parts that do not observe the summer time:

  • Most of the province in Saskatchewan
  • Peace River Regional District, B.C.
  • Fort Nelson, B.C.
  • Creston, B.C.
  • Pickle Lake, Ont.
  • New Osnaburgh, Ont.
  • Atikokan, Ont.
  • Quebec's north coast

These places are not so unique – most of the world does not observe summer time. Most African and Asian nations have no, and even the European Union is currently considering leaving the practice. This would almost completely leave North America accidentally.

What can the time change for you:

An extra sleep clock sounds great, right? Unfortunately, like any change in time, it's likely to affect you.

The analysis of the 10-year car accident data from Global News reveals that nine more hunters, on average, hurt or were killed in Torontó the week after the time change. Studies in the US show that this can be related to the sudden darkening of evening classes.

Several pedestrians hit after the fall of the week

According to the Canadian headache society, further one hour sleep may also have headaches in people who are prone to it. The time transition was also associated with a slight increase in the diagnosis of depression and stroke.

Professor of Psychology at Home University Stuart Fogel says the negative effects of the time change are slowed down in a few days and not at the same time.

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