Something serious is wrong with one of the challenges of Fortune's Week 6


Weekly challenges this week, six of Fortnight Battle Royale, were launched on January 10th, and the players quickly noticed that something was on the list.

As usual, the challenges of this week are made up of three available to everyone and four reserved exclusively for those who own this year's Battle Pass.

One of the challenges in the Battle Pass has three stages, the third of which requires players to retain 200 points of damage to their opponents using grenades, clingers or stink bombs.

However, there is a problem with this list of options, since the trailers were lined up a month ago and could therefore be used for the purposes of this challenge.

As expected, players did not take much time to get to the social media and Reddit to point out this error and take advantage of the opportunity to bake Epic Games.

There are two possible explanations for this type of error – either the developers who are responsible for designing and transmitting these challenges in the game simply made a mistake, or these challenges were created in advance and thrown into the database from which seven were selected. week.

Players report that the dynamite, an explosive that essentially replaced Clingers, worked for the purpose of this challenge, leading to the possibility that developers wanted to place a new explosive on the list instead of the old one.

It would be hard to use Clingers to complete this challenge for the 6th week, given that the explosive was arrayed a month ago.

A mistake such as this, some dictated to wonder what are the things some of the employees of Epic Games, given that this was not the first control he presented today.

On December 10, Reddit's user posted a proposal to improve the mounted turrets that Epic employees are "EpicDustyDevo" thought was a completely new idea when the concept was actually implemented and was only hindered by the bug.


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