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Some bread and cakes in Canada were recalled for contamination with the mouse

Before you make the next sandwich, check the brand because some bread and cakes in Canada were recalled for contamination with the mouse. The recall comes after the finding that the plant where the bread was made was infected with the mouse. This means that these products could be exposed to harmful bacteria that mice crawled after or around them.

The recall comes from the Canadian Food Control Agency (CFIA) as a result of inspection activities at the factory. They are now pointing to two different brand names related to mouse infection. The first is the brand name of Betty. The other is Nancy's Fancy Yummy-in-the-Tummy brand of baked goods.

Both trademarks were distributed in Ontario and Quebec and so far, these are the only products to which this recall applies. The cancellation also affects all products of these brands that were sold on or after February 8th.

Fortunately, no disease has been reported. CFIA requires all these potentially contaminated articles to be removed from stores and try to verify that this has been done. They also warn Canadians not to take any of the withdrawn products, but return them immediately or return to the store where they were purchased.

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The CFIA investigation is still ongoing, so it's possible to find even more contaminated products, but so far have identified nearly 20 products from two brands that may have been affected by contamination with the mouse.

Removed products from Nancy Fancy brand Yummy-in-the-Tummy are:

  • 7 "Pizza Crust
  • 5 "Pizza Crust
  • Central Pizza Crust

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Meanwhile, Removed Betty products include:

  • "Pain-Oat"
  • W.W. Sandwich
  • Bulbs
  • Kaiser 5 "Cornmeal
  • Ciabatta
  • Dark rye
  • Risin Buns
  • Cunne biscuits
  • Pizza Crust 15 "x 21"
  • Crusty Rolls
  • Sandwich
  • Sandwich Pumpernickel
  • Sourdough
  • Hot cakes from whole wheat
  • Bamboo from hamburgers from whole wheat

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It is unclear what kind of bacteria these mice could carry, but the CFIA warning identifies the major health risk as food poisoning. These may include, but are not limited to, norovirus, salmonella, listeria and even hepatitis. If you think that you have become ill for one of these diseases, Canada Medical Practitioner recommends that you contact a doctor immediately.

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