So, this is Christmas – with a cat


This is about Christmas trees. The human being is a symbol of joy and light in the darkest time of the year. But for a cat, gigantic climbing sports facilities hung with dozens of the most vocal, the worst, most exciting toys that you can imagine.

In other words, this is the most wonderful time of the year as a cat. Mother Stormy Cat Dani Wheatley will show the depth of this consciousness. –

"There are a lot of things about Christmas trees that attract cats," said Rebecca Ledger, an animal behavior expert.

"The first thing is that it's a novel – especially if it's a real Christmas tree and it smells like outdoors. That's what's caught. Most cats are very curious and I want to explore."

Then there are jingly, jangly, reflective ornaments that perfectly match the mouth of a playful cat. And of course, cats are natural tree climbers.

"They are looking for elevated areas and feel safe when they are high and can look down on things that are happening beneath them," Ledger said.

In fact, Christmas trees all that a cat loves are wrapped in one easily destroyed package.

And every cat wants to show this love in its own way. Some cats like to steal decorations, collect them under the couches and in dark corners or hit them until they break. Others prefer waking their men in the middle of the night with the sound of a tree that shakes to the ground.

Trish van Kuyk puts a double-sided tape on the trunk of her Christmas tree, so Buddy does not use it as scratching and only maintains firm ornaments on the lower branches. (Trish van Kuyk)

The CBC spoke with several B.C. owners of pets who have uncovered their stories of Christmas crazy cats and the consequences of their obsession. Some have useful tips for moving chaos, but most just let the doll happen.

Like, say, the adventures of Fox, the latest addition to Angie Jenken's household.

It can probably be considered as lucky – it seems to the little one that it does not do much harm there.

New Mayor of Westminster, Jonathan Cote, has set up a true reality for many owners of cats in the tweets in the tweets. A bad tree never had a chance against small India.

Sometimes it is not possible to hang decorations before problems arise. Here is Roscoe Mary Chow, who explores her bare tree.

Cat, named Mr. Christmas

Helen Savkovič remembered from the festive past, in which all the terrible cat were, Mrs Božič. She was a gift for a young neighborhood, one Christmas, but she wanted Savkovic's house and eventually became part of the family, she explained.

Her mother wrongly decorated a tree with decorations that looked like red feathered birds for a year.

"Our two cats got mixed up over them, and these poor decorations did not last long. I still remember the Lord Christmas with the red feathers that stick on their mouths," Savkovic said.

"We've found red feathers for several months."

Machete Janine Conick, Prince Harry, weighs an incredible 22 kg and absolutely loves Christmas. (Janine Conick)

At Janine Conick's house madness starts as soon as her cat Prince Harry sees a box containing her artificial tree. He starts attacking the box immediately, then escapes when he waits for magic to reveal itself.

"When it happens, it continues next week, which chews plastic needles (while ignoring our protests) and stretches them until it finally comes to the point that the tree may be what makes it easy," Conick said.

Sometimes it seems that nothing is deterred by the cats that are crazy. Manon Vee thought that the transition to a mini tree would end its problems, but it was wrong – "There are still ways to drop it."

Some suggestions for preventing cats

However, there are some tricks for keeping cats from the Christmas tree.

CBC Tamara Baluja hides aluminum foil under an ancient wing. Her cat Milo has a "deadly fear" of things that "maybe because she never approached the tree," she says.

Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, B.C. The Humanist Association puts an orange peel under its tree to keep its cats – the mother often hates the smell of citrus.

Soap keeps a safe distance from the tree. (Tamara Baluja)

Sometimes half-measures are appropriate. Vicky Micks said that when she set up the tree, "they could only decorate the upper half because, unlike all ornaments, they became new toy cats." Suddenly, the chin of Christmas was bigger than before. "

Of course, the penalty is always an option.

According to Ledger, an animal expert, many owners want to place a feather or an ornamental fence at the bottom of their tree to protect them.

But some owners of small cats had to give up the tree altogether.

And now for more free Christmas cats photos

It starts! (Arlene Elliott)

Emrys like to "help" their people to prepare a Christmas tree. (Emma Peterson)

Walter makes his best ornament impression. (Barb Barbour)

Impossible panorama tanenbaum in its natural environment. (Nicole Pattison)

Casey and Finnegan's search team. (Barb Gayton Keats)

Lower the kit. (This is Fox again.) (Angie Jenken)

Baxter does not want to wait for the tree's laying. (Lynn Newman)

Amy Robertson's cat magically looks at the lights in her Christmas tree. (Amy Robertson)

The cat of Marley Emma Peterson is a piece of decorative tile. (This is his proud mom Emrys in the photo.) (Emma Peterson)


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