Saturday , July 24 2021

Smashing the culture of culture one scale at a time

When the eating disorder awareness week ends (February 1 to February 7), one group calls people whose scales do not bring them joy to break them during the event this weekend.

Eating disorders New Scotland asks for donations of bathroom scales that will be destroyed in the Halifax Rage Room on Sunday from 3am to 5pm.

"For people who are recovering from eating disorders, definitely stopping using a scale and excluding from these external ways of measuring yourself, is really encouraging," said Shaleen Jones, executive director of Nutrition Disorders.

People who participated in Nutrition Disorders Programs, as well as members of the community, adorn the scales with messages from the nutrition and well-being industry that they want to destroy.

Food culture often promotes disordered eating habits that can induce people to develop eating disorders, says Jones. It says that it is important that people who struggle to avoid eating and scaling during reconstruction.

"At the heart of eating disorders is this cultural idea that thin is healthy and that we have to eat clean and try to save our body from toxins, and that our weight is a measure of our value as human beings, and those kinds of cultural beliefs that we have … create an environment in which nutritional disorders can develop, "said Jones in an interview with NEWS 95.7 Sheldon MacLeod.

"If we really move the needle to the prevalence of eating disorders, we need to address some of the fundamental beliefs that we have as a society."

Feeding disorders NS provide support groups for those who struggle or recover from eating disorders. Those who have recovered successfully work as mentors in one session, group therapy and online chat.

Jones says the group's goal is "to get people to know where they are" and to make the support easily accessible.

"We know that the consequences of being physically embarrassed and the stigma of excessive body weight or the life of a larger body … are often more harmful than any health reason associated with additional weight," Jones said.

"So I say that we can only eliminate the weight loss tools together and focus on our new Canadian Food Guide and focus on putting our efforts into things that bring us joy."

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