Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz was recently diagnosed with a neurological thoracic syndrome syndrome, aka TOS, which will keep it on the side of the earth for a few more weeks.

Although Fultz has not played for almost a month and has currently been reconstructed in Los Angeles, several NBA teams came up with the Sixers hoping to trade with their 20-year former first-rate # 1 vote. However, according to Candace Buckner of Washington Post, these bids were rejected.

Buckner notes:

"According to the people in the league, Sixers have rejected several commercial offers for Fultz. Not only is Philadelphia still hoping that Fultz will be on his way to be a star in Philadelphia – just like the previous pickers Ben Simmons and Embieid who missed their the New Year's season due to injuries. "

"Sixers did not receive trade offers with those who they think are of the same value, a sign that shows how other teams in the league watch Fultz and rock the beginning of a career."

Among the teams reporting interest in Fultz are Detroit Pistons.

Fultz, the total result of the 2017 # 1 list, informed most of his newcomer of injury to his shoulder and his wrinkles that shoot the ball were well documented during his young NBA career. ESPN & # 39; s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Fultz optimism returns within three to six weeks, depending on the success of his rehabilitation and pain.

In 19 matches this season, Fultz scored an average of 8.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.1 assistants. The Sixers, 19-10, will host Indiana Pacers in the evening.