"Sister Woman" Star Mary Brown flying Solo to Puerto Rico vacation without Kody's husband


Sisters of the woman star Mary Brown enjoys a solid "me time" while on a tropical holiday in Puerto Rico.

TLC lives its best life on the Caribbean island without Kody and her sister wife, Christine, Janelle and Robyn on the side, shared by Brown on Sunday on their Instagram account.

"Guys, Puerto Rico is beautiful! So I look forward to cruising next week!" She wrote along with the picture of herself laughing in self-portrait in the midst of a glittering blue water and sky.

(Photo: Instagram / @lularoemeribrown)

The 48-year-old added a hashtag for LuLaRoe, a female boutique for women. One of the advantages of civilian consultants is the ability to earn encouraging excursions for those who earn a certain amount of money in sales. While advisers are allowed to bring their important others with them, it can be assumed that Brown did not invite his husband, Kody, for an untamed paradise.

The fans responded to comments to praise Browne because he took some time out of his large polygamous family.

"I'm glad you do not let somebody pull you down," wrote one user.

"Good 4 in … just the sister of a woman who's normal in," he added. "Go Mary."

"You look so happy and calm. Get lots of sunshine and relaxation, "another user added.

Brown, who is outside the family, may be talking to some. But, as witnessed last year's fans, the Brown family has recently been concerned, especially since the clan intends to move to Arizona. Sisters of the woman the star intends to stay behind.

In the episode of the last week of the TLC series, fans saw that the tension was burying when Brown's decision to stay behind made the family upset.

"I'm concerned that we stay together as a family," said Janelle, the other woman Kody, in this episode. "I think it becomes problematic when we separate. I'm just worried that Mary thinks it is … that we really want to come, so I'm trying to strengthen that. We want him to come as soon as possible. It is important that we stay together. "

During a meeting with Kody and his other women, Janelle, Robyn and Christine, Brown tried to explain that she was left only because she had previous commitments and does not intend to stay forever in Arizona.

"I'm afraid everyone thinks my plan is to stay behind," she told the producers. "It sounds like that. This is not my plan. "

Fans will have to wait and see how everything is going on Sisters of the womanat 8 pm on Sundays. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram / @lularoemeribrown


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